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    Yep videos don't work for me either. Music videos were downloadable until last week. Music is now downloadable again.

  • ivdf Level 1 Level 1

    Not glad at all, but I'm more convinced now it's a breakdown of Apple's iTunes Match on iCloud and not something specific to my files associated with iCloud. It doesn't look promising at all... Where are you based?


    I contacted Apple's Customer Support this morning. Lengthy phone call. They are aware several users have been having problems. The representative from Apple who assisted me requested me to email back and request assistance from an iTunes Store Supervisor. He also opened an special follow-up incident.


    It's really annoying that I've not heard back from Apple yet, but what's more disturbing is their complete silence about the iCloud iTunes Match technical issues.


    I guess that, as well as music files are back to normal since saturday's night, the service will be restored over time. Still...

  • ivdf Level 1 Level 1

    Problem solved.

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  • ivdf Level 1 Level 1

    It was obviously a technical glitch on Apple's servers. I managed to get in touch with an iTunes Store Supervisor through Apple Customer Support. He got in touch with engineers after the initial instructions and work arounds failed. I started having problems with iCloud 2 weeks ago last friday. 2 days ago Apple's Supervisor emailed me back and told me the engineers had confirmed whatever problems had been solved and the service should work for me now. I tried from my Apple TV and it turned out everything is working back to normal again.

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    One thing I've discovered that causes lots of problems is that iTunes Match likes to open a bunch of ports to download songs from the cloud.  I was only able to download about 20 songs per day on my second computer, which I'm trying to load up with all high quality matched versions of my songs, before it would error out on many songs.  After much confusion and looking at the ports it was trying to communicte on I found the answer:


    UPNP must be ON.  Make sure your router is setup for UPnP if you can.  It allows iTunes to open ports as it needs to and after making this change on my DLInk and rebooting (twice b/c some settings seem to need a hard-reboot), everything works great.


    Now if I could only figure out why streaming over cell data in my car is so flaky...

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    What tell you ?


    I have the same issue and I think is related with legth, all my song in my library can download but songs > 14 mb


    Apple can help??

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    I had the problem with certain songs being skipped (with iTunes match enabled) and solved it after a lengthy chat with an Apple Support tech.


    While the cause of the problem was not determined, the fix was to go to Settings:General:Usage:Music and swipe left over 'All Music' to delete it from the phone.  When iTunes match is enabled, this doesn't actually delete your music but instead removes the audio files that are cached on the phone.  When you now try to play a song it will redownload it from the cloud from scratch and most likely no longer have the skipping problem.


    Hope that was worth my 45 minutes on the phone...

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    Here is how I fixed it.



    Open the latest version of iTunes.

    Choose Store > Sign In.

    Enter your Apple ID and password, and click Sign In.

    Choose Store > View My Account. You may be asked to re-enter your Apple ID password.

    In the "iTunes in the Cloud" section, click Turn Off Auto-Renew to the right of iTunes Match.


    I canceled it.

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    Since I report this to Apple I have no recibe any answer ... is sad but Amazon have more songs and maybe dont have this problems, Apple must explain what happen but the silence es the new politic

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