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I got a copy of windows 7 professional 64 bit from my school and was trying to install it on my 15 inch intel core 2 duo Macbook pro.  I tried to install it through boot camp but it doesnt seem to be working.  I was not able to install the windows install stuff in the beginning because the DVD I had to put it on was not working at the time.  It did not tell me to retry or asnything, just went onto partitioning my hardrive and said to do it after installing windows or something.  I then waited for it to finish partitioning and walked off.  When I cam back the computer was in the process of restarting and did not boot with the windows install stuff, just rebooted in mac os x lion.  I then tried to restart and hold down option.  That gave me three options: Machintosh HD, restore HD, and the windows CD/DVD.  When trying to boot from the DVD, I keep getting this message:






Select CD-ROM Boot Type : _


I try and type but nothing happens.  I assume the keyboard and mouse drivers are not installed?  I do not know what is wrong...