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I have a problem when trying to add a movie to an iDVD project.  I have tried two methods - firstly exporting from iMovie directly into iDVD and exporting to a QuickTime movie and manually importing it.  Both get the same result: my movie has five chapter markers in it but when adding it to iDVD it only creates buttons for three of the chapters.


I can't see a way of getting this to work without chopping the movie into 5 pieces and adding each piece of video to its own button as there does not seem to be a way of adding an instruction to a button that says "play chapter x in movie".


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I thought Apple had addressed many of the little glitches in iDVD, but you may wish to see if any of your chapter markers violate the so-called "chapter rules" that occasionally caused problems in earlier versions of iMovie/iDVD:


    - don't put chapter markers  within two seconds of the start or end of the timeline.


    - don't put chapter markers  within a transition.


    - keep chapter markers more than two seconds from the end of a transition.



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    In addition to J. Keller's suggestion use iMovie's Share ➙ Media Browser menu option instead of the Share ➙ iDVD option.  This will result in a higher quality final produce.


    Once you have the project as you want it save it as a disk image via the File ➙ Save as Disk Image menu option.  This will separate the encoding process from the burn process.  To check the encoding mount the disk image and launch DVD Player and play it.  If it plays OK with DVD Player the encoding was good and you can then burn to disk with Disk Utility at the slowest speed available to assure the best burn quality.  Always use top quality media:  Verbatium, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R are the most recommended in these forums.



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    I experienced the same thing this week. I don't think it's iDVD where you need to address this issue, it's in iMovie. The notations from J Keller should address it. FWIW, I addressed mine by deleting the chapter markers and putting them back in. iDVD will put your first chapter marker in automatically at the beginning. You could just put in two chapter markers if your first one will be right at the beginning, cause when you import, the first chapter marker will be give you three total chapters anyway.

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    Thanks for the advice but none of it seems to work.


    J Keller - my project hadn't violated any of the "Chapter Rules" mostly because there are no transitions and there were no chapter markers at the start or the end of the project.


    Old Toad - The Share -> Media Browser option seemed to result in a movie without any chapters.  I am encoding another movie using the Share -> Export Using Quicktime.  Thanks for the tip about saving as a disk image.


    Stephen Cook1 - I have now deleted the chapter markers 3 or 4 times with no change in the outcome.


    So I'm stuck.  This bug really makes iDVD next to useless.

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    When I add my movie with chapters to an iDVD project by dragging from the Media Browser pane it creates a single button in the menu.  However, that button takes me to a sub menu that has  a Play button and a Scene Selection button.  The Scene Selection button takes me to the chapters. 


    If you want the Play button in the top menu of the iDVD project you may have to copy and paste them into the top menu from the submenus and after confirming the pasted links work delete the unnecessary sub menus.

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    Old Toad: I'd love to try that but things are now worse.  iMovie doesn't seem to export any chapters with the movie now.  I'm tempted to reinstall iLife and see if that helps.

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    Hi all - my lesson from this exercise is to make sure I create chapter markers not just comment markers.  Thanks for all the help!