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I recently subscribed to iTunes Match in the UK, and set about uploading my ~21,000 song library (around 11,000 matched, around 10,000 uploaded) from my home Windows XP machine. It took almost a week but finished finally this morning.


I arrived at work, and gleefully wiped the iTunes library on my work iMac, which contained a few albums I'd brought in, thinking I would be able to play my entire library at work as well as home. That's the idea, right? (Barring ineligible songs, I'm aware of the restrictions).


I authorised and added my work machine, and everything appeared to be going smoothly - until I stuck it on shuffle and noticed that it was skipping songs all over the place. On further investigation, it is skipping over every song that was uploaded, i.e. not matched.


Many of these are 128kbps or 192kbps files, and I'm fine with that - but they will not play. Next to each one is the "Download" icon - the little cloud with the down arrow - and clicking on this triggers a download to start in the Downloads window, but the download never happens. The little blue 'barber's pole' style activity bar chugs away, but the download never starts.


I'm pretty irritated by this, since it means that over half my library won't play while I'm at work, and that's not the service I signed up for.


To be clear, Matched songs play fine. Uploaded songs skip and will not download or play at all.



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    I am having the same problem. I have deleted all the hard copies of my music from my hard drive on my MBP. The streaming service was working fine at home but now i have moved to a different location with the same computer and sem to only be able to listen to matched songs. Uploaded songs give error messages if i try to download them or just skip if i try to stream them. I have over 9000 songs of which 1800 are uploaded which means I cant listen to a lot of my library right now.

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    Same issue overhere. Started iTunes Match on my home iMac, and trying to play songs with my MBP at work (but being sceptical, I have not deleted my original Library yet on my MBP).

    All matched tracks play fine, but the uploaded ones won't play and can't even be downloaded (error 2114 or error 50).

    This is not what I've expected from iTunes Match.

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    having the same problem. just got match, works fine on my home mac but want to access the files on my work pc. library adds the titles but gives me the same connection errors as Toon61.


    this is very dissapointing, it basically doesn't work. and no solution? i mean this is why i got this service, time to get the money back i guess.

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    I have the same problem. Incredibly frustrating! I'm wondering if this has been caused by the OS update as everything was fine before I updated.

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    I'm in the same boat.  I was having issues with match on a second computer.  So, I wiped itunes and all songs entirely off my second computer.  When I turned match back on it is successfully downloading all songs except any song that was "uploaded."  Error -2114.


    I am hoping that this is a sudden issue as of this morning with the servers and not with the newest itunes.


    Has anyone downgraded itunes to the previous version and had success?


    This is a serious bummer!!

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    I'm having the exact same problem too. Uploaded tracks don't work on my iphone at all and if I delete and redownload music from the cloud it doesn't play. This is rubbish. This is my own DRM-free music and currently It feels like I'm paying for the "priviage" to not be able to play it.


    This follows last week where my iphone just randomly deleted all 15+GB of my music which was a nightmare to sort out