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I'm recording audio tracks into Logic Pro 8 via a Presonus Inspire1394 FireWire interface, using a couple of mics. To record I have the Core Audio device set to be the Inspire1394 (via Preferences \ Audio \ Devices).


The audio records fine, but I can listen to playback only through headphones plugged into the Inspire 1394 interface. I want to be able to listen to the playback through the reference monitors  attached to my Mac Pro. But the only way I've been able to do this so far is to change the  Preferences settings to use Built-In Line Output / Input. Then to record again, I have to switch back to Inspire1394 as the device.


Under System Preferences \ Sound I have "Audio Line-Out Port" selected for Output and the Inspire1394 selected for Input, but still I hear output only through the Inspire1394 until I change the Logic Preferences.


Is there a way to enable the interface for recording AND the monitors for playback without redoing the settings every time?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Not sure why you would want to use the inferior Mac audio for monitoring when you have an audio interface that has better (more accurate) sound.


    The System Audio Prefs have -nothing- to do with Logic.


    You can upgrade to Logic 9




    Create an aggregate device:



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    Ah, good point. I decided to just hook the monitors up to the interface. I had tried listening to playback through headphones plugged into it, but the sound was sub-par. But with my flat response monitors delivering the sound from the interface, the result is faithful reproduction of the recorded audio.


    Good to know about aggregate device as well -- that may come in handy for other situations.


    Thanks for the info.

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    I agree about the headphone out from those units (Inspire) it's not a good reproduction of the actual sound, the Mac internal audio has better headphone reproduction.