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I am looking for an external screen for my mid 2010 macbook. I am a screenwriter and work 8-10 hours a day with text programs. Want a 16:10 resolution so I can view two pages comfortably side by side. The glossy, 27inch Apple Led gave me eyestrain and I had to return it.


Given the choice -- what would be a better bet for me? A used 23 inch Apple Display on ebay (5 years old) or a brand new IPS monitor like one of the Dell 24 inchers. The only thing that puts me off about the dell's is I heard the anti-glare screening is nasty.


Any suggestion gratefully appreciated. 



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    LG IPS236V-PN would be a great solution for you!!! I'm currently using an early 2011 15" MacBook Pro and experienced a similar issue when shopping for an extended display. I picked up two of these monitors, which you will often find on sale, if your a bargin hunter..


    I normally don't stray away from the Apple brand, condidering everthing I own is mac!! But I found that there monitors are over priced and lack many features that are found in less expensive models, like LG, Dell, Samsung Etc.



    LG IPS236V-PN is @ an affordable price range!! Has amazing graphic's!! & Perform's well for less than half the price!!


    Hope this helps...


    Best Regards,


    Andre Phillip


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    Thanks for your suggestion Andre.


    I went ahead and bought a 24inch dell for £200. Delighted with it. About £700 cheaper than the Apple Cinema Screen and I actually prefer it.