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Hi, I have a Mac Air and an iMac on the same network at home. iMac wired, Air wireless. I can connect using Back To My Mac from the air to the iMac using my apple id, but not from my iMac to the Air.


Any ideas cause im stumped?




MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), iMac
  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7 (34,860 points)

    Have you tried these troubleshooting tips: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4907

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    Yeah, thanks for the link I have been through all of them one by one. Still no Luck, connection is fine one way but not the other.

  • Gino Cerullo Level 4 Level 4 (1,445 points)

    This is not a Back to My Mac (BTMM) issue since BTMM is not used for connections over a local network (LAN). This is a simple File Sharing issue. I suspect that if your are able to connect to the iMac from the MacBook Air but not the other way around that File Sharing is enabled on the iMac but not on the MacBook Air.


    Make sure File Sharing is enabled on both computers. To do that go to the System Preference, under the Apple menu, and click on the Sharing button (looks like a folder). Now, put a check in the box next to File Sharing to turn it on. 


    Now open a Finder window. You should see the other Mac listed under the SHARED category on the sidebar. Select it and you should be presented with a list of available directories on the remote computer. Which directories you see and what permissions you have will be determined by whether you connect as a guest or using a user account on the remote computer. If you have an Apple ID setup on the both computers, in the Users & Groups account set up preference pane, then you can also connect using an Apple ID.

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    Thanks for the help Gino,

    I had file sharing turned on on both but...


    I tried turning BTMM off on both computers and using my Apple ID to connect using File Sharing and again it connects one way but not the other.


    What is stoping my Mac Air from letting me connect to it using the Apple ID.

    I can connect to it by loggin on with account details.


    Anymore suggestions please?

  • Gino Cerullo Level 4 Level 4 (1,445 points)

    Make sure you have entered your CORRECT Apple ID in the Users & Groups settings of System Preferences. Use the same Apple ID on both computers.

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    Hi tedus, were you able to resolve the issue? I have been having the same issue. I could connect my iMac from MBPro; but not the other way. I have READ/trid above suggestions made by other users (on this thread).  If you could resolve it, I would appreciate your letting me know! Thanks buddy!

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    Hey raj, no sorry I have solved the problem. I read someone tried to tell me it didn't work in Australia. That sounds like bs to me but I ended up giving up. Please let me know if you make any break throughs.



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    @tedus, I appreciate that update!  I was thinking about the actual use-case where you would want to connect to a MBPro (or any mobile-Mac hardware/laptops) using a Apple-ID. Wouldn't that be a really rare scenario where you left your laptop in a remote place and would want to connect to it from iMac?  Or, may be, it's just me, who feels so. Was it a reason, why this is not working?


    But on the other hand, you can explain why it should work, too.  The way, Mac OS, with Apple-ID/iCloud account, broadcasts its (dynamic) IP to Apple-Server(s), which in turn relay that IP to other Mac hardware[s] (setup with same Apple ID), should NOT differentiate whether it's a laptop or desktop.


    Apple, can you please help us?

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    Ok, I have no idea what's going on here.


    For the past, well, I don't know... let's say, since I installed Mountain Lion on both my iMac and my MBP, every time I try to connect to one from the other I always get "Connection Failed".  I then click on "Connect As" and put in my Registered User credentials.  All is well.  Well, no, not really.  In the past I used to be able to use my Apple ID for this and it would do it automatically.  Now, when I click on "Connect As" and choose "Using Apple ID" the box shakes (as if I've entered something wrong).  I get similar errors when I try to Share Screen.


    I spent over an hour on the phone with Apple Care today, speaking to three different technicians.  The last one basically told me that I'm always supposed to use Registered Users and not to worry that using Apple ID doesn't work.  In fact, he questioned if it was ever supposed to work like that.


    Well, tonight, out of the blue it's working on my MBP when connecting to my iMac!  I'll admit I did a lot of stuff but nothing when it started working on it's own.  However, like tedus, it only works in one direction.  From my iMac to my MBP I am still getting "Connection Failed".

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    I'm having the same problem, definatetly not in Australia. Ican connect one way, using Apple-id, but no luck the other way, the login box just shakes. Same Apple-id, keychains deleted. I logged in and out of my iCloud account on both computers. No luck. This is not a BtmM issue, though that was my outset and the only reason i can't just use Registrered users.

    Any  news?

    Apple, out there somewhere?