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    Look, I'll also keep it "real simple" in addressing your original post stating incorrectly that if one were to install the higher clocked PC3 12800 memory chip running at 1600MHz, or a  PC3 15000 module running at an even higher clock of 1867MHz, that the systems bus would still run ONLY at the base 1333MHz clock - because, according to your limited "apple recommended" ONLY information on this subject,  you authoritatively asserted that any of Apple's  i7 QC's computers with a base bus frequency of 1333MHz cannot possibly exceed this speed to match the higher clock speeds of the 1600MHz, and 1867MHz memory modules. Aside from your unquestioning adherance and complete reverence to Apple's officially recommended seal of equipment approval defense subterfuge, I tries to hopefully provide the OP (and any others here who might also  be interested in the subject at hand) with technicaly relevant and experientially accurate information regarding the upgrading of memory in any i7 QC Apple computer right now -- so that they might also enjoy beinb able too more fully utilizing their machines to thier more optimal operational potential. 


    And whether you could give a flying @##$% if the information I provided is correct, or official approved, or sanctioned by Apple themselves  -- is besides the point, because this thread is not really about what you personally give a S%@t about, but more what everyone else may give a S%@t about.


    Best to you regardless!

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    Dude altho these are old post and I've just been going through them and it really seems you really know what yourntalking about!

    I'm intrested in the 2 x 4gb 8gb Corsair Vengeance laptop memory running at 1600mhz.

    I was kind of worried that it may not work and i would be throwing away money for no reason.

    So from your post did I understand you rightly that it would work fine???


    Using macbook pro 17" i7

    4gb memory 1333mhz

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    Hi Josrev

    MBPs does take 1600mz Rams, if they are the late unibody models. It runs at a slight faster speed if you apps to test it. Corsair is a good brand, very reliable memories.


    Hope this helps

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    Chuckedm wrote:


    After making my last post I thought of something that may be of a problem to some of you that or not better then average or experts in the computer field.  I do not claim to be a expert,  but I have been building my own computers for more then 20 years.


    Some of you should question your operating system before you go out and buy new memory.  It is very important that you know if you have a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system.


    The following is something everyone should know before they go out and purchase memory,  mayby to find out it will not work even when your mother board directions said it will work. This is something that every computer builder knows or he/she will not be in business very long:


    How much memory your Windows OS will recognize depends on which version of Windows you are running.

    32-bit versions of Windows will see (and utilize) only 3GB or 3.5GB. To utilize more memory, install a 64-bit version of your OS


    People that is directly from the book.


    So you have no experience at all using this Ram in a Macintosh, right?

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    I have read this post with interest and it seems that there is an absence of any controlled evaluations made between a MBP with 1333 Hz and a MBP with 1666 Hz RAM by any reputable testing organization.  Certainly the higher speed RAM may work, but there is no proof positive that it is better, the same or perhaps even worse than using the recommended RAM.  Anecdotal evidence is a point to start from, but that in itself does conform to good scientific investigative standards.



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    So guys! I have a Late 2011 MBP @2,4GHz with 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM. I've just bought 8 x 2 1600MHz DDR3 Vengeance RAM by Corsair. It should be in my hands by next week, just ordered it off Amazon. So yeah my MBP is a 13 inch, is the ram going to be compatible with my MBP? I'm scared to have used my money for no reason.





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    Encouraged by Stevielee comments on this topic I report that I just installed two KomputerBay 16GB (2x8) DDR3 PC3-12800,  1600 MHz RAM on a mini mac I7 , it works fine, and as Stevielee commented the clockspeed went from 1333 MHz to 1600 MHz , the mac is working fine and faster than before.  A great improvement for $70.



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    There has been a gap of a whole year since the last post and there may not be any interest in the topic any more but I actually read this thread before deciding to buy Komputerbay RAM. Komputerbay 16GB RAM was the cheapest available on Amazon (and elsewhere) as of September 2013 for my MacBook Pro 15 inch (early 2011). I have to admit I fell for it to my eternal regrets.


    Upon installing the modules I started encountering kernel panics, which I had never had before. I ran Apple Hardware Test and found errors with my hard drive. The memory test passed without a glitch. Being inexperienced, this led me to believe that there was something wrong with my internal hard drive, which I thought was somehow triggered by my opening the lid and touching the internal structure, albeit only the memory module. Restoring the original Apple memory didn't help, which reinforced this misconception. Anyway, since I needed more hard disk space, I installed a new hard drive, after which kernel panics kept happening (even with my new hard drive). It was then that it dawned on me that the faulty RAM must have corrupted and kept corrupting files on my hard disk. After fixing the fault with DiskWarrior and with the original RAM restored, I have not experienced any problems.


    So the moral of the story is this: you pay for what you get. Even though the advertised specs match those of my MBP, it was a disaster. I had to fork out for DiskWarrior, new hard drive, hard drive enclosure, etc., etc., though admittedly in hindsight I would only have needed DiskWarrior to rescue me out of the situation. So if you are tempted by the competitive price of Komputerbay memory, think twice. Pay 20% more for a more reliable brand like Crucial or something.

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    Well I can totally Understand why this all started Happening for you.

    If you Truely Went for the Cheapest Ram that you could get. then Yes Sticking a load of Cr-p in a Apple Mac Mini

    would cause Issue's, In Fact it would cause any machine issue's apart from the the low end Rigs.


    As you Admit Buying the chea[est was NOT your Best Moment in Life lol


    I Hope you got everything sorted Pal..

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