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Mr Apple!


I bought this very expensive card, because I am working in 3D and CAD applications.


I don't understand why can't use well this card, and I found I don't have OpenCL.



I can't use 2 monitor together. The DP is not working.



I had a idea, I boot up in windows7 on my other HDD.

I hate windows, but the card is working well, with 2 monitors, and OpenCL too.

The card is out since 1 year, and anybody bought this, than can't use under OSX Lion.

I am small man, whit very big problems, from small country:)

Please do something, or I sell my MACPro, and I buy PC, or I chose other JOB and I never see commputer again in my Life:)


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I can't install this driver, because I am using OSX Lion 10.7.3 and the system has newer driver for this card.

    I found this method for enabling OpenCL for some new nvidia cards.

    I am having OpenCL1.1 now, but only one mintor is working.





    modifying GeForceGLDriver to allow OpenCL




    sudo perl -pi -e '$c++ if s|\xeb\xa8\x83\xf8\x02\x7c\x15|\xeb\xa8\x83\xf8\x03\x7c\x15|; s|\x78\xe8\x83\xf8\x02\x7c\x11|\x78\xe8\x83\xf8\x03\x7c\x11|; END { unless ($c) { warn "No substitutions made\n"; $? =1 } }' /System/Library/Extensions/GeForceGLDriver.bundle/Contents/MacOS/GeForceGLDrive r




    modifying libclh.dylib to allow OpenCL 2.0




    sudo perl -pi -e '$c++ if s|\x8b\x87\x1c\x0c\x00\x00\x89\x06\x8b\x87\x20\x0c\x00\x00\x89\x02|\x31\xc0\xff \xc0\xff\xc0\x89\x06\x31\xc0\x89\x02\x90\x90\x90\x90|; END { unless ($c) { warn "No substitutions made\n"; $? =1 } }' /System/Library/Extensions/GeForceGLDriver.bundle/Contents/MacOS/libclh.dylib


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    After Running the terminal commands you posted I wasn't able to reboot so the commands weren't able to correctly make the hex changes for me.


    What I did instead was edit a backup of the two files directly with HexFiend  and it is working perfectly. Tested with LuxMark 2 and my Quadro 4000 now is running Open cl 1.1.

    I have a Mac Pro 3.1 with Lion 10.7.3

    Performance with Final Cut Pro X and Motion feels much faster now, woot.


    If anybody tries this and in case of problems, be sure to make a backup of the GeForceGLDriver and have an alternative boot drive in case you have to restore the original file.

    Below is the files and the hex changes I made.




    EB A8 83 F8 02 7C 15 replaced by EB A8 83 F8 03 7C 15

    78 E8 83 F8 02 7C 11 replaced by 78 E8 83 F8 03 7C 11



    8B 87 1C 0C 00 00 89 06 8B 87 20 0C 00 00 89 02

    replaced by:

    31 C0 FF C0 FF C0 89 06 31 C0 89 02 90 90 90 90

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    If you tried Luxmark 2, then what was your result in scene of Luxball?

    I got 3155 with only GPU.

    I have only one problem.

    Have you 1 or 2 monitor, if you have 2, than your displayport is working?

    I use VGA-DVI and DVI-DP LCD monitors.


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    I scored 2912 with Luxball GPU.

    I only have 1 30" display connected to dvi.

    After switching from Premiere to FCP X, I would prefer to have a 5870 but will wait and see if this year brings

    a newer model from ATI.

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    I installed the Quadro 4000. I had the latest drivers and Cuda installed from the Nvidia site. I had a Geforce 8800 that iI took out.. The performance was not as good as the 8800 with those drivers. I called Nvida, but I couldn't get anyone anyone to phone me back. The online chat is a joke. They know nothing. I called PNY, they told me that the old drivers from Nvida won't work properly with this card and 10.7.3. They said that Apple has the driver's built into their 10.7.3 update. PNY told me to start from scratch and do a clean system install. I did that all last night, and had to reinstall all of my software. The card still doesnt work. I don't believe that Apple has the driver in their update. I'm going to send the card back.

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    Listen. There is two drivers. One is the regular driver and is built in to Lion 10.7.x

    The other is the Cuda driver which is for the accelerated rendering.

    The main performance driver is most certainly included in Lion and it works well.

    The Cuda driver will show up in your System Preferences as a Preference panel.

    You need to download it from Nvidia. After that you can update it through the Preference.


    Download it here:

    http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/4_1/rel/drivers/devdriver_4.1. 28_macos.dmg

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    It is helpful answer, but it is not enough for me!

    I dooooooooooon't haveeeeeeeee DisplayPort!

    I would like to buy big Cinema Display, but what I get?

    I can't use them, and what I have?

    2 very expensive thing...

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    I need to know that the display port and 2 monitors are working or not?

    Please somebody attach screen shoot from working displays.

    I would get new DVI2DP adapter from PNY. If I got it, than I can write feedback...

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    Can someone explain to me how I find these lines of code, with HexFiend? It seems there are 7 pairs of letter/number combinations, but all Im seeing in Hex Fiend is groups with 4 pairs. Where do I find these? Do I have to scroll through all the lines, searching? does anyone have a line number?


    Thank you

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    That code I posted was from 10.7.3 If you have a different version of the OS it might have different drivers.



    In hex fiend press command f  to open a search window. Make sure hex is selected and enter the whole group of code to search for. As an example you would paste EB A8 83 F8 02 7C 15 in the search box and it will find it. Then just replace the found text with EB A8 83 F8 03 7C 15. Make sure you don't delete or add any additional characters. The edited binary file must contain the same amount of bytes as the original.

    Be careful and make a backup. Don't edit the files directly in your System folder. Make a copy to edit.


    If you want to keep up with the latest info about hacking Quadro 4000 drivers, you should go to this site.

    OSX and Graphics Cards

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    I came across this thread a while back when I bought my Quadro 4000 and was surprised to see that OpenCL wasn't enabled on it. You guys may know this by now, but Apple re-enabled OpenCL for the card in 10.8. I updated on Friday and I can definitely see an improvement in performance. There didn't seem to be much info on this so I figured I pass it along