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Mac OS X

I use iTunes Match on my iPhone 4S.  It's a great service but lately I've noticed my Artist listing is messed up.  It's mostly alphabetized but not completely.  For example, all the "A" artists will be shown together but then the divider for "B" artists shows up with more "A" artists underneath.  It seems to get worse the further down the list you go.  It's as if the all the letter dividers are in the wrong places.  Also, I have a number of songs listed as "Various Arists" and these are showing up in just about every letter grouping, not just under "V".  Songs and Playlists are fine, the problem is only with the Artists.  This is new too.  It wasn't this way after I first started using iTunes Match, it has happened recently.


Any ideas?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1