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I carried my ipad on trip instead of my laptop, used the ipad to store photos as i filled up my camera's cards.  worked well.  have copied them all the my HD and an external back-up drive.  but, there's seems to be no way to bulk delete all those photos (45GB worth) from the ipad.  i tried creating an album, putting all the photos in there and deleting the album... doesn't delete the photos, just to pointers to them for that album.  The only way it seems to be able to delete is one picture at a time, and there's over 2800 pics.. I've tried unchecking all the 'synch' folder in Iphoto but that doesn't removed the ones on the ipad that were imported there w/o using Iphoto... i've added and updated a lot of things to my ipad since i took those pics and don't want to do a restore. (which would also mean revert to IOS4)  Any suggestions would be most welcome


iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1