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I own a fully licensed version of Logic Studio 8.  I just recently got the funds to upgrade it to 9.  I have looked in both the App Store, Apple's online store and other online vendors I use, and I cannot find the upgrade to go from 8 to 9.  All I have found is:


- full version of Logic 9 Studio (box set)

- full version of Logic 9 Pro (not Studio) for download on App Store.


What is up with this?  Do you have to know some secret to find the upgrade?  Or is Apple just screwing us Logic 8 purchasers by not providing upgrades?

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    No, Apple is not "screwing" you: it is now the same with iLife, Aperture and since last year with Final Cut Pro and Logic: no more upgrade issues with old serial numbers, XSKeys, etc. Instead one simple very low price for everybody - and as it is true for all App Store applications: you can officially install them on all your personal Macs, not just one.

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    I wish they'd done this before I shelled out for the full version of 8.  I had 7 but I lost the xs-key so I had to buy full to upgrade.


    But I guess it's an even tradeoff with the lower price plus being able to have it on all macs.


    However, I was about to go download it, and I realized that there is no "Studio" on the app store.  There is only plain "Pro" which does not include all of the loops, patches, instruments, etc., and does not include Mainstage. What will happen to all of that if I download it?  Will it just upgrade the parts it has and leave the rest?  or will it take away the other parts?


    Also, what if I want to upgrade all of Studio and not just the DAW as with Pro?  Am I stuck paying $500 for a box version that only goes on one computer?  In that case, I do still really feel screwed.

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    raresilk wrote:


    There is only plain "Pro" which does not include all of the loops, patches, instruments, etc., and does not include Mainstage.



    Mainstage is available separately on the AppStore, as is Compressor. Waveburner and Soundtrack Pro have been discontinued.


    All of the additional content, apart from the Soundtrack Pro Sound Effects, loops and music 'beds', is available (free) to download from within Logic (9.1.6) and Mainstage.



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    This is very frustrating.  I agree there's value in the upgrade, including the ability to install on all my machines, which I'm willing to pay for, but that's a much lower value than buying the entire product new.  I already paid $500 for all of the basic functionality and then some.  That's nice that the entry price is less for new customers than it was when I was a new Logic customer, but that shouldn't come at the expense of eliminating upgrade pricing.  It starts to feel like the cable company with introductory rates vs. keeping current customers.


    So, what'll probably happen is I'll stay with Logic 8 until a critical mass of third-party software (plugins, etc.) stops supporting it.  Then I'll either shell out the 200 for a new Logic (or whatever the deal is at the time) or I'll put that money towards switching to something else.