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My Airport Express is connected to my home WiFi netword. The light is green. The signal of the D-Link Router is strong. As soon as I try to connect with to my speakers with iTunes, I get error 1506 and AirPlay won't find it again. I have to reset the Airport and configure again. Since I am not an expert, I have lost many hours, hired experts for help. Nothing works.


Someone suggests I change my router for a Airport Extreme. It is a big gamble if the problem persists. Suppose to be plug and play, anyone has a clue ? 


Thank you. Richard

AirPort Express 802.11n (1st Gen), Mac OS X (10.7.2), D-Link Router (DIR-655 Xtreme)
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    Please review the following Apple Support article to double-check that you haven't missed anything when you configured the AirPort Express Base Station (AX) to join the D-Link's wireless network.

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    Thank you for your suggestion Tesserax. I followed the same instructions and got the same results. Configuration succeds, light is green. Airport has access to my wireless airport but iTunes can't find the speakers.


    I won't be able to check this issue for a few days but thank you once again.



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    I have struggled with the same issue.  I have a Dlink attached by cable to my modem.  My AE is connected to my powered speakers so that I can play music from my ipad/iphone and I set it up to join my existing (dlink) network.  It only works for about 2 minutes and then it'd one.  AE is not recognized.  So I phoned Apple and they said "oh, no, AE only likes Apple products and won't work with non-Apple" if I want to send music to my powered speakers I need hard reset my AE, set up a new network on airport utility for the AE and then when I want to send music from my iphone/ipad to the speakers I need to disconnect from my wireless network on my iphone, connect to the AE network and send music that way.