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I just wont detect it! what should i do?

iMovie '11
  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 Level 6 (19,450 points)



    Tried to find out more on Your Camera "Sony HDR cx-360" and what I learn is that it is a SD-Card Camera but what resolution and frame rate is not obvious.


    a. I should connect Camera via USB-cable to Mac


    b. I should connect "Mains adaptor" to Camera to keep it live on not battery only.


    c. then set Camera in Play mode


    d. see if there are any settings in the Camera Menu that direct it to DV-out or alike (some cameras has this to be set)


    e. In iMovie try the various alternative

    - Import from Movie

    - Import from Camera archieve

    or any of the other ones


    As You understands - this is mere just guessing as I've not got any Camera like Yours. Hopefully someone with one will put all pieces together.


    What size did You record in - 1920x1080 ?


    What frame-rate ? 24 or 25 (PAL) or 29.97 (NTSC) or 50 or 60


    Interlaced or Progressive ?


    I think that iMovie any version can't use 1920x1080 60p - if I've read other questions right. (Have to be converted first)


    Yours thinking - Bengt W

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    I'm using the internal memory of my camcorder,recording at 1080i and 50p. Do you know what software is needed to convert?


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    I have a sony hx7v camera and I cannot see it when I want to import its videos in iMovie. The video format is set to AVCHD, and I remember that I succeded doing that on my parents' iMac one month ago ?

    I think it can be the same problem as you dylan.


    Does latest update bring a regression ?


    I am running Mac OS X 10.7.3 and iMovie 9.0.4

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    I am also using a Sony HDR-CX 360 camcorder and the internal memory and iMovie does not recognize it for importing. It uses AVCHD format with a frame rate of 60i, and I am running Mac OSX 10.8.4 and iMovie '11 v9.0.9. I also checked and all of my software is up to date.

    When I attach the camera to my Mac and set it for USB mode, the Mac cannot find any files that I can copy over and try to convert.


    Please help, thanks!