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Why won't my iPod let me sync? I uninstalled iTunes and then reinstalled iTunes, and I have reset the iPod more than one time to start over "fresh" ... it will only get so far and then it stops synching and iTunes hangs up ... I have to close the program in order to even close out of iTunes ... it will only get so far in the synching process and just stops and gets "stuck" ... HELP

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    Antivirus has a tendency to freeze iTunes sync Operation with iPod Classic, causing a timeout, which corrupt your iPod filesystem, so when iTunes can't read the iPod, it is pointing to this problem. Other causes is when your iPod hardisk is dying, or your battery is dying causing hardisk crashes.


    My suggestion.

    1. Connect your iPod to the PC and run chkdsk, to fix any iPod diskerror, then disconnect it, after chkdsk complete.
    2. Disconnect your PC from Internet. (just to make sure no nasties creep into your system while you syncing.
    3. Stop the Antivirus program
    4. Connect your iPod to the PC, using a high speed USB 2.0 port at the back of your PC. Disconnect all other USB devices (except mouse)
    5. When iTunes Open up, Restore your iPod please, this is for iTunes to map correctly, to fix the corrupted filesystem.
    6. When Restore complete, eject the iPod and reconnect again.
    7. Sync your iPod, preferably manually Manage in small batches and disconnect after every batch, to check that all is well.


    When all sync is complete, and iPod disconnected, start back your Antivirus and connect back the Internet.

    Good Luck!

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    Thank you for all those suggestions .. will follow them in order tomorrow and post my results ... Hopefully it's just something weird and not something catastrophic ... I have never had problems synching in the past ...but I did install new anti-virus ... Kaspersky ... here's to trying to get it back to life!

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    Well, I followed all your directions ... and started doing them one artist at a time and it "acted" like it was loading all of them ... so I paused and ejected it so I could check ... and it only loaded 69 songs and this was about many many artists there should have been several hundred by the time I checked ;( so what am I missing or should I just buy a new one? I have wasted so much time on this one ...

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    Then you need to check the iPod Hardisk health, using disk diagnostics as posted by tt2



    As a bad disk sector, will cause timeout, similar to the Antivirus scanning


    This will only, help you decide what action to take, ie replace the Hardisk at a 3rd party vendor or bring it to Apple for replacement if it is under warranty.


    Good Luck!

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    it's not under warranty and there are no local Apple stores ... so it's sounding like I need to get another one ;(


    Just did that ... and post my numbers on that and here:


    Retracts; 25

    Reallocs: 1304

    Pending Sectors: 248

    PowerOn Hours: 71

    Start/Stops: 10,446

    Temp: Current 31C

    Temp: Min 15C

    Temp: Max 50C


    what do you make of it?

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    Looks like your iPod hardisk is having some problem, writing, from the Pending Sectors numbers, although the Realloc numbers are relatively low.

    I think that your USB port is not supplying enough power to the hardisk, due to USB power being shared by other USB devices, when you sync.

    Next step ( need to do a Restore)


    Hopefully your iPod battery is still good, (how long does it last, 20 hours of continous music?) I would suggest that you charge it for at least 4 hours till the Fully charge battery sign comes ON. This will supply power to the hardisk, if your USB port power are not reliable. Remember use only the USB port at the back of the PC for iPod Operations.


    Restore your iPod using iTunes ( will delete your Ipod data- reformat)

    1. Select your iPod in the Source panel. You will see information about your iPod appear in the Summary tab of the main iTunes window.
    2. Click Restore.

    The idea is to get the iPod, reformatted with new file structure and with sufficient power for the hardisk to complete the writes Operations.


    Note that iPod is a high drain device, which uses a lot of power during the Hardisk writes, especially if it is an old iPod Classic.


    Good Luck!





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    I do have it plugged into the back of the computer ... so you want me to just do a full charge of at least 4 hours or until the battery icon is full ... and then restore and start again? What would cause it to act like it was synching the ones I clicked but then when I went to check on them only 69 songs synched and I know I had clicked way more than that and I did them in very small amounts so that it wouldn't/shouldn't have freezing issues?

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    When the iPod Hardisk writes the songs data onto the hardisk, it will use more power than just listening or reading data from the Hardisk. If you connect it to a USB port, which does not supply sufficient current(power), the hardisk write process will keep trying, till it succeed or timeout.

    So most likely your iPod is drawing whatever power it has in the battery for 69 songs, then it timed out, and quit writing more songs data into the Hardisk.

    Unfortunately if your iPod battery is worn, then whatever I suggest would be in vain.


    Of course if can try on another PC which has no problem syncing iPods.


    Have a nice day!