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Hi there,

I'm having lot of troubles using AirPrint (also the airplay service) on my HP 3070A and my multi AP wifi network: I've 3 AP and a wireless router in my house, DHCP service is given only by the principal router, the AP are all connected to the router by only one switch, if i'm connected with iPhone or iPad to the principal router (also the printer is connected staticly to him) everithing is working but when I move around and my iDevice connect to another AP, trying to print everithing by iDevice a message come up saying "no airprint printer found" or something similar.



Now I've opened 515 tcp and 5353 udp port on the router, the airprint sometimes works also around the house but in the most cases i can't find the printer... any suggestions?


I've tryied:


- Netgear DGND3300v2 N300 Wireless Dual Band ADSL2+ Modem Router

- TP Link TD-W8951ND Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router



- TP Link TL-WA701ND

- Intellinet (i can't remember the name)


I've tryed lot of configuration settings without success.


Please help me!



iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    ste.bontempi wrote:


    the AP are all connected to the router by only one switch

    I'm not sure I understood you, but if you connected your printer to a switch that's the problem.  The AirPrint printer has to be connected to your LAN wirelessly, not to a switch or router using CAT 5.

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    Obviously i connected the printer to the router wirelessly using WPS (the only connection method supported by the printer)

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    Wasn't obvious.  Many AirPrint printers support both wired and wireless connections.

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    In my opinion was quite obvious, In normal conditions (only 1 access point or one wireless router) all the printers with airprint support (wireless and wired) can be connected to a lan, and every iDevice can print trough Airprint. Also if the printer is wired.


    In my case i've specified that i've used only one printer (HP 3070A) and 3 Access points.

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    No, you specified that you had a "multi-AP network", you never said Access Point.  What should be obvious to you is that you aren't going to get anyone to help you here if your response to someone who tries is that you think their suggestion is obviously wrong.

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    I'm sorry I not explained myself well, I wasn't telling your wrong! I was saying that I wrote "3 AP and a wireless network" and I thinked that was easy to understand I was talking about access points... However I was wrong and I'll assume the blame!

    Coming back to the problem, any ideas?


    Someone is talking about Belkin routers, it will solve everything...

    Anyone can confirm?

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    No problem.  I've always see WAP as the abbreviation for wireless access point, not AP.  I thought you were referring to AirPrint when you said AP.  That said, it sounds like you have your network configured correctly but Bonjour is unable to find the printer on the network when connected to your access point.  You can confirm that by using the free app ZeroConf Browser (http://itunes.apple.com/app/zeroconf-browser/id316741416?mt=8).  Unfortunatey I don't know what to suggest other than ensuring that you have the latest firmware on your access points, routers and printer.  Good luck though.

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    checking around the home the service is present everywhere (zeroconf says : _ipp = internet printing protocol) it's using port 631.


    I've opened also this port but the problem persists, sometimes the device can't find the printer but if i try to print it works. can't figure out...


    PS: in the places where i can't find the printer with an iPhone (but still can printing), i can find it with the other iPhones o iPad, in this case zeroconf says that _pdl-datastream is present but when i tap on it the new page opened is void...


    also checked fw versions of access points and routers...