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I need help setting up settings in compressor 4 to export to my ps3. I dont care about file size I want the best settings there are?

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    You can export at full 1920x1080


    .mp4 using h.264 works very well, and it'll support full 5.1 sound. No intermediary needed, the PS3 supports .mp4's natively.

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    Here is what I used coming directly from FCPX:


    Description: MPEG-2 Transport stream - 15 Mbps Video, 4:2:0 color and MPEG-1/Layer-2 audio

    File Extension: m2t

    Estimated size: 6.92 GB/hour of source

    Type: MPEG-2 transport stream

    Video Encoder

        Width: 1920

        Height: 1080

        Pixel aspect ratio: Square

        Crop to: Center crop for 1.778:1

        Padding: Preserve source aspect ratio

            (L: 0, T: 0, R: 0, B: 0)

        Frame rate: (100% of source)

        Frame Controls: Automatically selected: Off

        Start timecode from source

        Aspect ratio: Automatic

            Selected 16:9

        Field dominance: Top first

        Average bit rate: 15 (Mbps)

        2 Pass VBR enabled

            Maximum bit rate: 27 (Mbps)

        High quality

        Best motion estimation

        Closed GOP Size: 1/2 second, Structure: IBBP

    Audio Encoder

        Sample Rate: 48.000kHz

        Channels: 2

        Bits Per Sample: 16