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How do i make a default font on mircrosoft office word 2011?

MacBook Pro
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    To change the default font in Microsoft Word for Mac, follow these steps:

    1. Open a new document, but don't type anything in it.

    2. Click the Toolbox item in the menu to bring up the Formatting Palette (if you don't already see it).


    3. Expand the Styles menu if it isn't already open.

    4. Hover your cursor over the box that says Normal. A blue down-arrow shows up on the right side of the box. Click the arrow, and in the menu that opens, click Modify Style.

      stylesstyles cont

    5. Click the box that says Cambria and change it to Century Gothic.

      add to template

    6. Check the 'Add to Template' box towards the bottom of the dialog box, then click OK.
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    Thank you, I know this is an old forum but it helped me out!



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    Thanks for this! Super helpful. 2011 is only 4 years old!