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Is anyone else getting denied for coverage on Nvidia GPU failures? I went into the Apple Store today, and they confirmed a Nvidia failure, but said it was not covered anymore. Does anyone else get confirmation, but no coverage, eventhough they got $200 million from Nvidia?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Nvidia 8600 GPU
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    Read this: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts2377.. The program expires after the mac is four years old.

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    edit ... missed the 4 year limit in the note.

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    Is your system over 4 years old from the purchase date. If not you are still covered. If it is over 4 years since you bought it you are out of luck. Thank Apple for that.

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    "Apple will continue to evaluate the repair data and will provide further repair extensions as needed."


    Means they are not nec. ending after four years.

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    Daedbird wrote:


    "Apple will continue to evaluate the repair data and will provide further repair extensions as needed."


    Means they are not nec. ending after four years.

    Well tell that to the people that have posted about this problem with their systems 4y 1 month old and Apple has flatly refused to fix them.


    And there was at least one person that continued to use the system until it no longer booted and Apple refused to fix it because they could not run any tests on it. That person was well inside the 4 year limit.

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    I recently took my Macbook into an Apple store and was told the same. Nvidia fault but over 4years old so no free fix.


    Unfortunately I can't afford a shiny new Mac, so am writing this on my wife's PC and slowly adapting back to Windows.


    Funny how I don't mind upgrading due to my computer starting to run slowly in comparison to more contempory models, but feel very upset that a design flaw made my perfectly good computer become unusable.

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    Same story here. But my MacBook Pro is a backup system, so I don't use it very often. And the other day when I turned it on, GPU failed and now I am out of a perfectly good system. I called AppleCare and spoke with 2 Sr. Tech and went to 2 stores around me, all denied my claim. I own 4 Apple laptops and 2 desktops, plus iPad. iPhones... I am VERY disappointed with this case. My oldest Apple computer is 8 years old and still working perfectly. Apple did me wrong on this case, I am VERY disappointed.

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    There are many comments about the NVIDIA GPU issue and Apple not replacing the GPU.  I will say I had good success in getting Apple to replace mine in my Macbook Pro. When my computer suddenly would not fully turn on, I researched the issue to find out the possible reasons and then somewhat dawdled in taking it in. It was 2 weeks past the 4-year GPU warranty window. But I had had problems for some time preceding when it wouldn't fully turn on, such as geo designs appearing on the screen and the screen going dark, and those issues did occur at least a month or more before my warranty ended. I had no idea what those issues meant and simply ignored them until the computer wouldn't fully turn on.


    The good folks at The Apple store in Austin initially said no luck; yes it's the GPU but it's two weeks past the warranty. But then they kindly relented because clearly the symptoms I described to them that occurred during the warranty were caused by the faulty GPU. How would I know this was the issue?  They replaced the logic board at no cost. I've seen comments here that a Genius said the problem was the logic board, not the GPU, and therefore Apple would not make the repair. I was told by my Genius that the GPU is partof the logic board, and therefore the logic board needed replacing. This was a $526 repair that I was grateful Apple took care of. I would not have made the repair and would have gone out and bought a new non-Apple computer with a warranty.


    When I got my computer back, I checked it before I left the Apple store and it was running slow. I ended up paying Apple to replace the hard drive, so ultimately I did pay for an Apple repair. But I'm a happy rather than disappointed Apple customer because of the free GPU repair. Happy, devoted customers has made Apple a great company, and it should be worth it to the company to fix the faulty GPUs that are close to warranty to keep customers and keep them happy.

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    I'm sorry are you an Apple Shill? You posted this same thing in another thread.


    Here is my response.


    That is great for you but how about all the people that have this same issue that Apple REFUSES to do anything for. Apple is NOT a great company. If they were they would of RECALLED ALL of the affected computers and FIXED them. Which IMHO is what a GREAT company would of done. But not Apple.

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    If somebody have a news about this production defect?


    i have too trouble with videocard 8600 (Macbook Pro W8******YJX, August 2008).

    In the official article there is "Apple will continue to evaluate the repair data and will provide further repair extensions as needed."


    Can I count on a free service with this issue in the official apple service? I am afraid no, but it is a production defect, it was all years in my computer as bomb. I think, the great company as apple  should repair this free as autocompany do this. In my city there is no official apple service, so should i go to another city (500km). I called today to apple support in our country. They asnwered, i should go to official apple service.



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    Although it is sad that the coverage has ended, there is a way to keep the computer going.  it isnt permanent, but It can theoretically be repeated, so you could get another year or two out of you MBP.  Just try this:

    1. Plug in your macbook pro (make sure that its off)

    2. Turn on the computer, and hwen it chimes, close the lid and turn it updside down.

    3. Wrap the macbook in a heavy quilt.

    4. Let the computer sit for about an hour.

    5. Take it out of the quilt, unplug it and let it cool for 20 minutes.

    6. Turn on the computer.

    I can say that this works as I had the same problem, and after this method, the computer is up and running, I'm typing this on it now!

         Now stop complaining! its 5 years old, try this or just suck it up and get a new one!!!

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    "a design flaw made my perfectly good computer become unusable."


    Specifically, what was the design flaw that made your computer not work properly after several years of constant usage?