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OK bear with me please. I bought Lion from the app store last July and installed it on my MacBook. Now fast forward to Feb 1st 2012 and I bought a new iMac. It came with Lion installed on it but I feel uneasy about having no Install disc. What if I dont have an internet connection and need to reinstall Lion one day? So I decided that I would download the installer again on my MacBook and Burn an Install dvd. My internet connection kept dropping during the download, and I wasnt able to get it. So then I thought I would just try to download it on my iMac. When I went to the App store, Lion isnt in my list of purchased Apps anymore! When I search for Lion, it says $29.99 not "Installed"!! Anybody know whats up with that? I sent Apple an E-Mail about it.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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