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Please help, I can not see my toolbar in iTunes, also when connecting my iPod, iPhon or iPad you can not transfer music to either one of them.

iPhone 4, Windows 7
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    It has something to do with Segoe fonts in your system.


    Refer this link for solution

    iTunes 10.1 Missing Text

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    Thx, will have a look.

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    I have tried Vortical's tip to select all fonts, but there is no "install" button for the fonts?

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    Your WIndows 7 is 32bit or 64bit?


    Can you go to "Control Panel", "Font" and check how many Segoe Fonts types do you have?


    You should have





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    Wiclee, I have the following in my fonts Segoe Print, Segoe script, Segoe UI and Segoe UI symbol Regular,  when I right click on all of them it does not give me the option where I can go to properties, but it has the following options: Open, Scan, Advanced Options, Add to Archive, Add to Fonts.rar, Compress and email, etc. no properties.  When I go to my Word document the following is in fonts Segoe UI, Segoe UI Light, Segoe UI Semibold, Segoe Symbol. It is a 32-bit.

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    In the above link, a user recommended using a Registry Patch which appears to be working as reflected in other discussions thread, may be you want to try?


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    Re: iTunes 10.1 Missing Text

    17-Nov-2010 3:09 PM (in response to mhill64)


    I had the same problem with missing text in itunes 10.1 and windows 7 64 bit. I found the easiest fix was running this reg patch that Chris Pirillo recommended way back for Vista. Works on Windows 7 no problem. No idea about XP. See the following link: for the patch link and background info.
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    Thank you very much, running the "reg patch" worked, my toolbar is back. One more question, when I plug my iPhone or iPod into my computer I can not drag music in my iTunes to my iPhone, nor can I drag the music on my iPod to my iTunes? It gives me a circle with a red stripe through it. Can someone please help with this problem?

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    Connect your Device to Computer. Select your iPhone or iPod under "Devices" on the left Pane. On the right Pane, under Summary tab, scroll down to make sure "Manually manage music or video" box is checked. Then click the APPLY or SYNC button on the lower right Window.


    itunes music manual manage 1.jpg

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    Amazing!!! Thank you it works, but I have now plugged my iPhone in and the colour is now not the same as it was? When the phone is charging it is usaully green battery, it is now pink? Could it be the settings?

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    If I restore my iPhone will I loose all my Apps I bought, the screen is all white and all the icons that is suppose to be green is pink and all blue ones are brown?

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    Unplug the phone from your computer.  Do a soft reset, i.e. Hold both Sleep and Home button together for around 10secs until you see the Apple logo.


    Do you see the color returns to normal?  if so, go ahead sync again.

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    Wiclee, how did you take the picture of the iTunes I want to send mine to you also so you can see what it looks like,  my iPhone I can now add music to, but not my iPod. Could it because it is still a iPod Mini?

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    When I push both together I am taking a picture of my phone's home screen? No apple logo comes up

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    Hit the PrtScn button to capture the screen shot.

    Open your Paint Program under START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/PAINT

    Click the PASTE button, the save the file (remember the location)


    Now in your reply click the Camera button, browse to the location and hightlight the file.  Click the Insert image button.

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