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My 1.83 MacBook's hard drive died, so I'm looking to replace it.  At the Apple Store I was told to look for any 2.5" internal drive up to 500 GB.  I want to make sure this one will work in my laptop before I buy it.  (I don't think I *need* 500 GB, but I can't find smaller ones for much less money)


Also, my laptop has 1 GB RAM, and I was told it can go up to 2 GB.  I think I'd like to do that as long as I'm getting a bigger hard drive.  This may be a really stupid question, but are the memory chips sold in pairs or single?  It looks like the latter to me.  If I buy one 1 GB RAM chip, do I need to buy two so it's a pair, or could 1.5 GB RAM work?  And again, how do I make sure I'm buying the right kind for my computer?  I see the specification(?) here, and I can find results searching on that on Macmall.com but not Newegg.



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