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For some reason my ist gen touch could not measure the size of music/movie files and kept saying over limit. I restored via iTunes and music/movies/etc seemed fine. I tried to redownload apps I had been using for over a year (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and it will not sync those apps. It says I need up to date software.


I have the latest version of iTunes on my Mac, and version 3.1.3 on my Touch.


I remembered purchasing an Apple upgrade some time ago that gave more functionality such as apps, shake to shuffle, etc. I found what I believe to be that download and followed the instructions given.


It says takes about 30 mins to download and then you will be prompted to restore your Touch then - please leave connected.


Well it does not seem to download, so nothing happens.


I have found an article that says my .ipsw file could be corrupted, so try deleting it. No can do as cannot even find it on my Mac.


Can someone please help?



iPod touch, iOS 3.1.3, 1st gen touch