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I did the lion update 10.7.3 from 10.7.2 yesterday and the computer hang, it won't reboot.

I tried booting in Verbose mode (command+V)

I get hundreds of "invalid sandbox profile for pid XXX (XXX = number) followed by alternating (invalid regex / bad address)

What can I do?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Talked to apple about this... The suggested fix is to boot holding Command-R and choose re-install.... I know.... I've never had to reinstall OSX; I thought that type of fix was limited to the Windows world. 


    Oh well, I guess apple developers aren't perfect after all.  


    Good luck!

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    Actually I could fix the problem with the Help line from Apple without having to re-install,

    Just a couple of reboot and several diskcheck and other action...

    At the end it was easier than I though,

    Thank you Apple Customer Care

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    Hi pierredeg - what exactly did Apple tell you to do during those reboots? Can you outline the steps they had you take to fix this? I too have this Invalid sandbox profile error.



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    Fist let me tell that the support form Apple was free as it was linked to an update from Lion,

    Mainly the person asked me to verify that the computer wouldn't boot,

    The I had to turn it on hold the alt key (I am not 100% sure it could be the cmd key as well) from there I had to pick up boot in safe mode form the menu,

    As this was sucessfull (otherwise we would have had to reinstall lion form the same menu), I had to perform a disk check and as it was ok she asked me to repare permissions,

    Finally I had to reboot  and it was fixed,

    The other proceedure I had to was to hold P, R, CMD, ALT and Power Button for two reboot sound (Iam not 100% positive on the action) this fixed the problem that my mac did not shut down properly

    I hope it will help

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    Exact same problem here with a MacBook Air late 2010 after updating to 10.7.3. What a shame, what a shame!


    - Reset PRAM - problem persists;
    - Booted into Recovery Partition, repaired permissions, repaired disk - problem persists;
    - Booted into Verbose Safe Mode - infinite lines of "invalid sandbox profile for pid XX" - problem persists;

    This is so Microsoft/Windows like, I'm having horrible dejavues today!


    If Steve Jobs is seing this from above, he must be so p*ssed off!


    I am!

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    I`m also not amused... Just before a complete re-installation, i went to my ("independant") mac dealer. He

    thinks booting from an external hard disc with 10.7 on it, and execute the "combo" (!!) 10.7.3 update on the internal disc could fix the problem. Since i don`t have a bootable exernal disc i asked him to do this for me.

    In about an hour i will know and pay at least 30 Euros. I want this money back from apple (good luck) because it was their mistake to offer the wrong package via "software update".

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    No reply, just the end of the story: it works now, at least. I noticed i'm in the wrong forum (i have a macbook, no air), sorry for that, but the problem was the same. You have to install the correct "combo" update in some way. Good luck,

    and good night