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So is there any way to make Wifi calling with the iPhone ?


If you tell me download an app then this company seriously needs to rethink their hardware/software. I live on an army base... the signal out here is...well its a mythical creature lets say.


I have wifi in my room, however that doesnt seem to give me the ability to make phone calls.


If anyone knows a FREE APP thats actually worth my time not netTALK because its terrible.


AND not one that costs me per minute.. why would i even get a phone if i have to pay per min to make phone calls on my phone with a 3rd party app?


Anyways im venting becausei  came from android and im anything but impressed.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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  • Rudegar Level 7 Level 7 (23,565 points)

    Most phones are sold with a subskription to a Mobile phone company making Them very cheap compared to the Real cost of the phone

    If Mobile makers put a lot of efors into free wifi calls it's biting the hand that feeds you.."..

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    Really? because it costs nothing for the phone company to let us run our calls on our own personal wifi, and still pay them monthly for minutes.



    Further more, Skype is NOT FREE i have skype unless im calling another skype person. I call land lines, I came from android. They are alot more user friendly for this. If i have no service then  it goes right to wifi and makes the call. No apps, no fuss, no problems.


    They benifit from me making a call on my time and my data, and they still get paid at the end of the month weather i use the minutes or not.

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    It's beginning to sound like you made a very, ill-thought-out decision to leave the Android platform.



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    Look at MobileVOIP. Free wifi and 3G app (will use whichever is readily available). Comments look good on it, etc. etc.

    And if you're unhappy with features on the iPhone, leave a comment for Apple on their Contact Us page, don't come into an Apple support forum and instantly finish your very first comment with 'i'm just venting because I come from an android background and im anything but impressed'. It just sounds like you're complaining because you didn't do any research into this matter before getting a new phone.


    Anywhom, long story short. Look at MobileVOIP, or y'know, browse the App Store, it's there with a search function so you can use it.



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    I didnt make the switch because i wanted to. Trust me. And yes i am venting, on a community server rather then waste the time of techs with complaints they cant/wont fix


    Long story short i had no service with Tmobile i switched to ATT they said id be covered. Im not, i used to use wifi calling which was nice, i dont even have that now. The price is sugnifficantly less however now im paying for  a fancy expencive alarm clock.


    I expected wifi calling to be included since im paying for wifi.. Idk just a thought maybe its unreasonable.


    something bout 20$ a month to check my bank account sounds kinda weird. anyways if u think im venting, and you have something nasty to say, need not respond. I was just coming here to look for an anwser without bothering the apple people if at all nessisary.


    I will look at MobileVOIP.


    Ill be sure not to get an iphone in the future now that i know the basics dont come standard like on every other phone ive had.

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    Viber looks like a solution to your problem. you can find it in the app store.

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    T-mobile sent me one of their T-mobile Cel-Fi signal boosters. Instead of getting either 1 bar that drops nonstop I get between 3-5 bars that never drop.You have to meet a certain criteria to be eligable to get one but if you are they really work good. Off the top of my head your bill must be more than 70 dollars a month.. must live in a house,, not a duplex or apartment and must have a landline that is seperate from your tmobile account.. I think thats all but check. I've had mine about 3 years now so I don't know if there's been any changes but it is free.