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Yesterday I updated my phone (synced with computer and updated it to the ios 5.0.1) I also signed up for icloud as prompted after that update. Shortly after I began texting a friend who also has an iphone. For some reason all of our texts were going to my mother's itouch as well- like she could read them all and found it very funny she was getting them as she had never even used her ipod touch for texting. She lives nowhere near me, all the way across the country. I tried texting a few other friends and none of those were going to her ipod touch only the texts between me and that one friend. Her name was not in the recipient part of my texts either- I just can't figure out why she'd be getting them?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1
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    This is happening for me too. My family has multiple devices. I have 3 iphones and 2 ipod touches. One of the ipod touches we gave to my daughter's close friend. My daughter has an iphone. Now whenever I send a text message from my iphone to my daughter they are going to the ipod touch we gave to her friend.

    I really need to figure out how to get this to stop. I can't have my texts going to someone else that is only 14. Ugh... anyone have any advice at all?


    I read here somewhere else that creating seperate apple ID's will help but I saw that user respond that it did not help. I also saw another user that where individual apple ID's and icloud ID's are still experiencing the same problem. So does anyone have any non apple ID related ideas? Please help

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    woh, i wouldn't want my mom to read my text messages, i get it's annoying! hehe

    on the ipod and ipad the text messages are usually sent with iMessage, and that uses an appleid. From what i can guess, maybe someone else's backup went on your device (your mom's for JEP), or... the other way around, which would have changed the settings and the appleid on the device.


    so check on both devices (yours and your mom's) in settings/Messages/Receive at: the correct appleid

    on the iphone, iMessages can use the phone number and sometimes between iPhones (or iOS devices), it will still use the appleid (does that one friend of yours have an iPhone?)


    if the appleids are ok on both, you might have to restore again from the correct backup.


    Good luck!