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My iphone 4 stopped taking a charge and has now gone dead. I tried the reset, no joy.

I have tried different cables in computers and at the wall, I have tried a different phone with those cables and works fine (no problem with the cable)

When I tried the hard reset, just got the symbol to plug the phone in but now wont even do that, battery must be seriously dead.

Any ideas? nothing seems to work, the phone is only 6 months old, new from apple.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1, not charging
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    Exactly the same thing has just happened to me! 2 nights ago my phone charged just fine, but then i came to charge it last night it wouldn't even recognise I had the charger in, using both the wall charger and also plugged in to the USB on my mac. I know it's not the charger itself because if i turn the phone off then plug the charger in, the phone will turn on, so it clearly recognises that something has been plugged in, but no charging happens at all. Just like i have nothing plugged in! I've had my phone over a year as well so i'm worried it's not under warranty. If it is a manufacturing fault though will it will be fixed? My phone is in clearly good condition too so hopefully that might help i guess...