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The Nuance advisory relative to system requirements is that Dragon Dictate works on any Mac with an Intel processor. 


A rep I spoke with at Nuance, assured me that this is the case and applies to booting into Windows on a Mac to use Dragon Naturally.  I asked about sound card quality and was told that, since microphones connect via USB on Intel Macs, there are no issues with sound card quality and/or compatibility issues.  This is because USB microphones bypass the sound card, entirely.  If a USB microphone is Intel Mac compatible, Dragon Dictate and Dragon Naturally will work just fine.


I also asked about processor (i5 or i7), speed, and memory requirements relative to Intel Macs, especially when booting into Windows to use Dragon Naturally since there are specific requirements listed in the Dragon for PC sections.  Again, I was told this isn’t a consideration, that both the Mac and PC versions will run on any Mac with an Intel processor.


A friend wanted to help out and sent my husband the Dragon Dictate software.  Wonderful thing to do, but we’re still working with a PPC G5.  My husband needs to do quite a lot of dictation and so we really want to be able to use the Dragon software.  Everything I was able to find out (not all that much) pretty much had me convinced that, if we want to use Dragon without being totally frustrated, we’ll have to go back to the less than wonderful world of PC desktops.


I really, really, really wanted to make our next purchase a Mac notebook; or at least a Mac Mini.  After talking to the Nuance rep, I’m hoping that we still can buy a Mac.  I guess we’re lucky in that limiting use to direct dictation using the Nuance Notepad app isn’t an issue so all the “general use” problems with Dragon Dictate aren’t likely to be a deal breaker.  So, maybe we can put our friend’s way too generous gift to use?  Or, if not, still get a Mac and boot into Windows to run Dragon?


Don’t know if  the information from the Nuance rep is actually the case in the real world, or not.  Anyone successfully running Dragon for the Mac and/or PC on a MacBook Air ~ especially the entry level version?  Or a MacBook Pro?  Or a Mac Mini?  Any details and/or advice would be more than appreciated!


Not sure how to post a question that applies to more than one group.  Guess it's better to post a message with a link back to one post rather than cut and paste the whole message to each one?