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Is there some reason why, since iCloud, we have to have duplicates of every Contact in our Address Book?


Additionally, when I'm cleaning up my Address Book on my MacBook Pro (10.7.3) there's no way to tell if a contact is in "On My Mac" or "iCloud".


I have seen no clear discussion of this. If I change an entry for "John Q Smith" in my Address Book, why doesn't it "Unify" as they do on my iPhone? I end up with two different Address Book entries, one in either iCloud or "On My Mac" with the changes and another without the changes.


There is no field on an "Address Book" contact indicating its source ["On My Mac", or "iCloud"].


Why do I need two entries for every entry in my Address Book? This issue has been correctly identified and treated on the iPhone — I get a "Unified" classification and a change to the Contact happens synchronously.

MacBook Pro 2.4GHz Core2Duo, 6GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Lots of Gentoo Linux going on too.