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Is there some reason why, since iCloud, we have to have duplicates of every Contact in our Address Book?


Additionally, when I'm cleaning up my Address Book on my MacBook Pro (10.7.3) there's no way to tell if a contact is in "On My Mac" or "iCloud".


I have seen no clear discussion of this. If I change an entry for "John Q Smith" in my Address Book, why doesn't it "Unify" as they do on my iPhone? I end up with two different Address Book entries, one in either iCloud or "On My Mac" with the changes and another without the changes.


There is no field on an "Address Book" contact indicating its source ["On My Mac", or "iCloud"].


Why do I need two entries for every entry in my Address Book? This issue has been correctly identified and treated on the iPhone — I get a "Unified" classification and a change to the Contact happens synchronously.

MacBook Pro 2.4GHz Core2Duo, 6GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Lots of Gentoo Linux going on too.
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    Sorry I don't use iCloud. But are you suggesting that if you make a change on either your Mac or on iCloud those changes are not synced between the 2, cloud and computer, and on your phone and pad?


    Isn't that the whole point of Cloud Computing, having the same info on your computer, phone, pad and cloud (internet based system).

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    If you use iCloud, all iCloud devices will be synched. If you make changes to, On My Mac, just as the name implies, it's only on that Mac.

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    Thanks Lanny.

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    You need to look at the contacts list in Address Book. Click on the red icon shown in the picture to get to the list page.


    Do you see iCloud contacts listed under groups?Screen Shot 2012-02-06 at 8.11.47 PM.png

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    Before 10.7.3, iCloud was displayed in the list as a separate address book as was On My Mac. When all contacts were selected, you got duplicates.

    With 10.7.3, it appears when logged into iCloud, it removes the addresses on the Mac. When logged into iCloud, you need to make sure you select the correct address book as default in order to sync. It needs to be iCloud as default. When you quit iCloud, you will have the option to keep contacts locally on your Mac.


    Screen Shot 2012-02-06 at 8.41.56 PM.png

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    I am already configured for, and using iCloud as my default account.




    If I select "All Contacts", I have duplicates of every entry in my Address Book.


    When I select the corresponding option on my iPhone, I get "Unified Contacts" — this is GOOD and SMART — when I change a 'Unified' contact on my iPhone, all the entries are synchronously changed. This is how Mac OS X 10.7.3's Address Book should be treating these entries. Is there not an option somewhere to activiate this same feature?


    IF I REMOVE "ON MY MAC" FROM MY ADDRESS BOOK ACCOUNTS, I WILL BE UNABLE TO SYNCHORONISE MY ADDRESS BOOK WITH ANY OTHER SERVICE SUCH AS GOOGLE OR YAHOO. This is highly undesireable. As lovely and singular as is Apple and it's products, there are other services in the world with which I must coordinate and this is beyond my control.


    It looks like, from the responses above, that I will be editing every duplicate Address Book contact for the foreseeable future if I want to have non-Apple sync-able contact database as well as be on iCloud, which I do love.

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    I understand what you're saying, but I have no answer. I hadn't found the solution to sync the local contacts at the same time with iCloud. That's why I chose to turn syncing off to google and yahoo and not have the On My Mac duplicates showing in address book. If you need to sync with other applications such as Yahoo and Google, at least from the mac you will have to deal with the iCloud contacts and local. Hopefully this will change in the future. Maybe someone else may know something I don't.


    If you make that many address book changes, then you will need another alternative.


    I have no iPhone, but you say it works differently. If possible, what about syncing those websites with your iPhone and discontinue syncing those sites from the Mac?

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    Apple has identified the need for this feature and included it on the iPhone apparently because the iPhone can be prevented from syncing with Google or Yahoo by keeping such functionality out of the App store — please correct me if I'm wrong, particularly in the case of Google interoperability.


    I purchase and adore Apple equipment and iCloud services but some of my support customers use GoogleApps. Because it seems Apple has adopted an anti-competitive stance toward Google, I can't synchronise my GoogleApps support accounts with recent Apple OS options.


    I really need to sync more than one cloud.

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    As I said, I have no iPhone and not sure what you can or can't do with it. If it works, sync to those sites for now with the iPhone. If it can be done on the computer, I don't know how and since nobody else is posting a solution, I assume it can't be done yet.


    It's not that you can't sync with Google from the Mac. That feature is still there in Address Book. It's not syncing the local contacts on My Mac with iCloud that's missing. If it can be done, then I'm at a loss on how to do it.

    It will hopefully be fixed in the future, especially if enough people send enough feedback to Apple. Here is the Apple feedback site.


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    I have issued a feature request.

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    " It's not syncing the local contacts on My Mac with iCloud that's missing."


    You are so right Glenn.

    The problem is that iCloud contacts are not in sync with On My Mac contacts. It'll be great if those two can be unified, then we can have iCloud, Google and Yahoo contacts, all in sync on the OS X and iOS devices.t

    Maybe this feature will be added soon along with the release of Mountain Lion and the future release of iOS.

    I've read that the Contacts in Mountain Lion will support Smart Groups, which is a great missing feature.

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    Mountain Lion has added 'Unified Contact Editing' — this is great.