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Very very weird,

it worked until bootcamp was upgraded mid next year.

I have been looking for a solution siunce then.

Wife is using the notebook and she is mad every time she is answering call from Skype or MSN Messenger she needs to reboot into Lion.

She uses Windows 7 x32 on bootcamp most of the time yet she cannot use the camera.

The camera shows grey and freezes wiuth busy mouse cursor.

booting intro Lion works so it is something with the drivers.


Can anyone help?


I have looking for months already and I did not see solutions...



MacBook, Windows 7
  • Jaygyver Level 3 (735 points)

    Have you tried downloading the last Boot Camp version manually and installing it and seeing if it "takes"? You also might try to download the PRIOR version and installing it manually and seeing if it still works?

    Or have you tried opening the Boot Camp drivers folder and installing just those files you need?

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    I tried to download manually and install on top

    I tried uninstalling the device and let widown find it again and I did try using pevious version.

    All unsuccessful!

    I was hoping Apple would fix the problem by now...

    It has been more than 6 months...

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    Issue Fixed.

    BootCamp 3.2 - 3.3 breaks the functionality with Windows 7 at the latest patch level.

    The fix has been:


    • upgrading OSX to Lion
    • Patch to latest release
    • Go To Boot Camp Assistant
    • Download Windows Support Files to Jump Drive (second option I believe it is)
    • Reboot into Windows 7
    • Run Setup - BootCamp 4.0 will install
    • Reboot
    • Launch Skype or MSN Messenger - ISight will magically work again!
  • Jaygyver Level 3 (735 points)

    Oh your an Angel for coming back and posting your fix, thank you.