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I have Apple Macbook. Model No : A1342. i want to install Windows 7 . But i forget my bios password and i can't boot my bootable CD from my laptop. so what can i do. please give me solution.




Sanjay patel

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    When you say bios password, do you mean firmware password?  If so, the only way to reset the firmware password is to take the MacBook to an Apple genius bar and have them reset it.

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    What bootable CD are you refering to? The original 10.6.x install DVD or something else.


    You should be able to boot from the install DVD by holding down the c key at start up or holding the option key and then selecting the disk.


    If you boot from the install DVD you can reset the administrator password by going to the utilities menu.

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    If the OP means firmware password instead of bios password, then it is not possible to boot from the DVD without the password...that is the purpose of firmware password protection.