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How can I get my audio to be output through a hdmi cable ?

By default sound was output by the hedphone  jack or the internal speaker. In setting/sound I see HDMI and my blue tooth headphones, I can select anyting tjhere except HDMI (tv) ?



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    I have Mac Mini (mid 2010) hooked on to 5.1 ch speakers (Bose) and LED TV (Samsung) through AV amp (Bose LS-35), all connections using HDMI cable. The dream system autput is limited to 3.1 (no sound from LR and RR).


    When I then configure my speakers through the Midi-setup utility. I can specifically trigger each speaker successfully (control sound comes with the configure speakers tool). The video is also good. The problem is that whatever movie I play and whatever software I use (DVD player or Quicktime or VLC), I hear only stereo. I also tried every possible permutation in the software settings without success.


    The fact that the midi-setup (in utilities) can drive every speaker indicates that the wiring is correct and even that the AV-received transmits the macs signal properly. But somehow, the output from the mac (apart from the setup tool) fails miserably.


    I looked through hundreds of forums without success. People suggest using toslink and HDMI connection, but then we need to use two remotes, etc and not sure if that will either.


    Apple clearly states MacMini is capable of producing 5.1 ch sound (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4214)


    Hope to get some help and guys in Apple zero in on the issue

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    Voila!!! Breakthro!!!

    My mac mini (2011) went through a software update today, now running OS X 10.7.3, iTunes 10.6.1 DVD S500.26.4


    After making settings as stated in Apple article (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4072), I can get 5.1 output when running 5.1 channel media through DVD player!


    I am still unable to get 5.1 channel output through iTunes. The "speech bubble" as stated in apple article is missing irrespective of media played thro iTune. 

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    there has to be that option System Preferences>Sound under settings for the selected devices there has to be that option to have the sound using HDMI. (10.7.5)