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Here's some more information:


Often times, Microphone DOES NOT work when:

  • I make a call via carrier (typical method)
  • I receive a call via carrier (typical method)


Rarely, Microphone DOES work when:

  • I make a call via carrier (typical method), and then cuts out a few minutes during the call
  • I receive a call via carrier (typical method), and then cuts out a few minutes during the call


Microphone DOES work when:

  • Using recording apps (voice memos)
  • Make calls via data apps like:  Skype,  MagicJack.  I can use these apps to call/communicate with the person on the other end of the call without ANY issues.  Microphone does not cut out at all.  Works perfectly.


Tried To Solve Using The Following (To no avail):

  • Plug in / out headphones/mic.  This is functioning properly.  When I take out headphones/mic, and use the volume toggle, it does not show headphones as being plugged in.  Looks typical, and I can hear sound coming out of the speakers.
  • Tried using the external "speaker" option during calls.  This had no effect.  The speaker icon highlights, and appears as normal, but they still cannot hear me talking into the mic.
  • Switching Carriers in Settings > Carriers.  I tried hopping onto another carrier  (by disabling Auto), then moving back to my own Carrier.  Something to note... THe other carrier didn't allow me to fully connect to it.  I was not able to make a call on another carrier (I suspect this is normal).  I then re-enabled Auto.  Nothing helps.
  • Reboot, Toggle Airplane-mode
  • Latest Update (5.0.1)
  • Sync with iTunes


Summary Of Problem:

This is seemingly an issue while making / receiving calls through the carrier., but I've seen this problem a lot in other forums.  They've tried different SIM, and carriers, and nothing's helped.   I'll try a new SIM card next, though I don't see it as being a coverage thing what-so-ever.  My data works, and my mic WORKS --- just not during phone calls.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Okay so I've seen this problem left and right with no adequite response from Apple or anyone else. One "solution" was to reball the sockets on the audio IC. It's impossible. You can't reball the sockets and even if you could, you have to order the template from China. What about going to the genius bar? Good luck there bud. Apple uses a not-so-sly method of muscling you out of using your old phone by scrapping your warranty and saying "Pay us 400 dollars and we can fix it." Good luck with this company, man. I've used Apple for long enough. I never liked them because they always made Dell quality products with a different label.


    I know Droid has its faults but at least the companies don't nickle and dime you like Apple. "Applecare" pfft.

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    I wound up having to pay the 160 to have it swapped, which ****** me off cuz I was waiting for iphone5.  

    There should def be a recall for stuff like this.   They told me that the analog to digital processor was broken.   How does one break a "component" on the logic board?  I haven't dropped it in the toilet bowl or anything.   They opened it up.  Everything looked good!  Just some random broken component.   And I've seen this problem everywhere as you mentioned.   Pretty crappy. 


    As for the company and it's policies.  I feel you get what you pay for.  Apple has always been the standard for phone and tablet.  They really are a fair amount faster and nicer design/ build quality than what I've seen so far -- but honestly is this worth $800 purchase cost (ASD/CDN) + 200 for a swap (for the same iPhone 4)????



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    I'll let my girlfriend know about the 160. Did they do a straight swap? I feel your pain about the broken component. I bought a Nexus Galaxy and I feel like I got a **** of a lot more for my money. I'm not being nickle and dimed for every feature on the phone to be unlocked by corporate ATT.


    As for you get what you pay for....look at what just happened to you. You got screwed for what you paid for. And it's not worth the 1000 bucks nor is it worth your soul. I've had way too many problems with Apple and I feel like others have too. Despite what happens to them, no one will ever quit using them because of brand loyalty. Luckily, I escaped when I could.

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    Hey man,

    don't get me wrong - i could care less about brand loyalty.  I care about.. what's the best?  And Apple has so far come through on that front.  They pioneered the type of smartphones that I find most value in.  Sure everyone else sees that it's a lucrative market, and jumps at it, but they're always 1 step behind Apple.  I'm talking about ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.


    Of course there will be times where some hardware out of Asus beats the specs on Apple iPad2 for example, but when ALL things are considered (Eg. AppStore, and of course the ability to jailbreak) -- Apple always has the best package, and typically the best hardware.

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    Well I agree with some of what you're saying. I can't support the jailbreaking thing though since that is not an Apple product. It's simply where someone filled a need that Apple couldn't fulfill. I guess it's an either/or type deal.

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    i too am having this same issue with the mic since updating to 5.1 OS. Apple told me today they would replace it for 160 bucks or i can upgrade to the 4s using my AT&T eligiblity. UM why would i want to do that with a new phone on the horizon? 


    the mic works with all other apps just not in-call. APPLE are you just going to ignore this softwear glitch?


    please help..

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    The only things that seems to work for me TEMPORARILY is doing a network reset. It works for a short time and then the mic stops working again during calls only.

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    My wife had the same problem with her iphone 4, tried everything but got to the point where on almost all calls no sound could be heard by the person being called. In the end I looked to see if the noise cancelling software was at fault, the noise cancelling feature works by reading the background noise from a second mic by the headphone socket and then using the ambient sound to cancel out from the speech when making a call. People with hearing aids need to turn this feature off so by going in to Settings, General, Accessibility, Hearing Aid Mode and turn it ON, the noise cancelling feature is disabled and... TA DA the phone now works like it should. So it looks like there is either an issue with the noise cancelling mic or with the software that controls the two. Either way it fixed the problem and is a simple thing to try before pulling your phone to bits or sending it off for repair. Hope this helps. M

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    Please everybody who has this problem, the fix is very simple listen up:


    one screw near the camera (big head one fixing the bard to the metal body of the phone seems in some cases to be guilty of this).

    What is happening for sure, the second mike near the headphones jack is not working. It seems to be grounded with the body and it's contact is on this particular screw!

    just loose a bit this screw or tighten it a little bit it depends, play with it till you get the best result

    again its that screw between the camera and the chassis (to the left and a bit down).

    this will fix it the problem for sure, it did fix mine and many others that I know.

    the source for this fix is iFixit.com

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    I just had this same issue with my iPhone. Would work with Skype but mic would not work with normal phone call.


    The Fix:

    1. Looks like by removing the back cover and applying pressure to an area (in the back), the mic would start working again. Reading through other people's fix, the "pressure point" can be different base on whats wrong. In my case it was right below the camera.


    Steps I took to fix:

    1. Unscrew bottom screws

    2. Take off back cover

    3. Stick a piece of plastic/cardboard right below the camera

    -> My piece was about a half inch wide and a quater inch tall.

    -> About 2-3 papers thick


    4. Place back cover on, re-screw.


    Should work now.

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    I had this problem too, but before I could take my iPhone apart as was suggested by kbrapp and also as per an utube video, Apple came out with iOS version 7.   I upgraded to it and magically my problem disappeard !!

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    bang the back of the phone on your knee (watch your knees, they're more valuable than stupid phones). Try both- the top near the camera/ 2nd mic and the bottom where the main mic is. Saves you from taking the back plate off. Worked for me last year and worked again just now.

    P.S      The problem I was having was the same as the OP: mic was not working during calls, whether I used the handset or the speaker, but it functioned on all other apps.

    Hope this helps!