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  • David Lee Level 2 Level 2 (430 points)

    So do wel know if this happens to the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G? I have them both and seem ok.

  • iwacemaker Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    really, you obviusly not in IT. No backup can be 100% safe, your internet connection can be down for a while. I can be travel abroad and dont have internet connection. I took a priceless photo on my phone and only to have it exploded when I charge my phone in the hotel that night. It is reasonanle to assume the data should be safe on my device for awhile before a backup can be done.


    @David Lee,


    Yes, it is amazing that people can still defend this. This is Apple's fault, plain and simple.

  • iwacemaker Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I work as a mobile developer. This only starting to happen from 3GS and up. We have about 2 dozen iDevices in house, only the 3GS pops, and one of the iPhone 4 starts to expand but not pop yet.The original iPhone and iPhone 3G seems to be ok. Btw, when it first happened last year Apple Canada wants to charge me $179 for the replacement and I declined.

  • David Lee Level 2 Level 2 (430 points)

    Thanks for the info. Intersting about the earlier models.


    Looking forward to seeing my iPhone 4 pop open then.


    Amazes me how much I love Apple. I will still buy the next iPhone. Tut, tut, tut...

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,120 points)

    It happens to very few phones. I had an original for 3 years, and now I have a 3GS that is 3 years old. Neither of them ever had a battery problem. Based on the number of reports in this and other theads you probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than having a battery fail in this specific mode. Batteries do fail, but most often they just stop taking a charge. Even that is rare, however.

  • David Lee Level 2 Level 2 (430 points)

    Not according to Apple Man. He told me it was normal.


    If it is so minor I would of expected Apple to just quickly and politley replace the phone. My guess is this is a ticking time bomb for them and we are going to see loads of people complaining that their 3 year old iPhone has blown up.


    I wonder if they can catch fire?


    I don't know why I am keeping this conversation going, not much point but does tickle me a bit.

  • Barry Shell Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I am wondering if in fact the exploding battery thing is very rare, otherwise why would Apple (and for that matter the media) be doing nothing about it? With tens of millions of iPhones sold, we are just a few dozen unfortunate end users who have experienced this. That is essentially nothing, when compared with millions. Could this be the reason why Apple is doing very little about the problem?


    One might speculate that there was one bad batch of possibly a few thousand batteries that went into iPhone 3GS phones, but that it was it. Hence, most phones are fine. This is why Apple may be doing very little and why the media is very quiet about this issue.


    You have to admit that the solution Apple provides--a brand new phone for only $80 after nearly 3 years of use--is a pretty fair compromise. Street price of used 3GS phones is about $150.

  • princessmobile Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    wish your statistical analysis was accurate.  this has happened to more than a few phones and I'm guessing that all of us who had phones ruined by swollen battteries wished that we had won the lottery instead.  I've bought many more lottery tickets than phones and so far, my success with swollen/exploding batteries is infinitely higher than lottery winnings - 1:0.


    The issue is that despite the fact that Apple has known about this issue for quite some time, they do NOTHING to warn owners of the risk.  They do, however, have a replacement program if batteries cause damage to the phones ($79 in the US).


    Google the issue and take a look at the photos of the exploded phones.  Not pretty.  All these people won the wrong lottery that had a much better chance of "winning."

  • David Lee Level 2 Level 2 (430 points)

    Could be argues either way. Apple would not want to admit and take responsibilty for millions of soon to be exploded iphones.


    Not sure on the battery replacement charge.

  • princessmobile Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    if that's the case, a batch or two of bad batteries, then issue a recall.  they should be able to track this and if not, issue a product notice.  just like the automakers do.  just like computer manufacturers do.  just like everyone else does! 

  • tonefox Level 6 Level 6 (8,875 points)

    Lithium batteries expanding (very, very seldom "exploding") is a rare occurence, usually, as intimated, caused by manufacturing defect. The suggestion that batteries are designed to explode after a certain duration is obviously, to those with double figure IQs, a nonsense. If anybody in Apple's employ says this is the case, I would report hnim/her and trust that the person is fired for idiotic information.


    I suggest to the carriers of the hysteria here that they use Google to explore the facts behind lithium batteries.

  • David Lee Level 2 Level 2 (430 points)

    Hi tonefox,


    I wouldn't describe it as rare. This is my first phone to expand but I have personally owned a MacBook that has had an expanding battery (bent the case a bit too) and one of the companies I work honestly must have had about 10 batteries in their MacBook Pros expand. This is a company of just 50 people and not all with MacBooks.


    I might write to Apple about the information I was given (not to get him fired of course) but I am fully expecting that the information was official, he was way to confident for it not to have been. He did not speak quietly in front of is peers and seemed to be fairly bright, actually nice guy with a difficult job to do.

  • tonefox Level 6 Level 6 (8,875 points)

    I might write to Apple about the information I was given (not to get him fired of course) but I am fully expecting that the information was official, he was way to confident for it not to have been.

    Please do. I have no more claim to being an authoritve spokesperson than anybody else.  :-)


    If I wanted the official stance of Wallmart / Marks and Spencer / Tesco (sorry - I am UK oriented) or even Apple, I would hesitate to quote the opinion of the Trainee manager working in the store...

  • Dal10c Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine also decided to turn into the amazing expanding iPhone yesterday while charging.


    You all know the story, I plugged it in to charge, heard it turn on as the battery was completely dead, though I have been using it for some weeks without any problems. a little while later, I heard it make the power up sound again as it was right next to my head. on the arm of my couch the I was resting my head on at the time. I picked it up and though that it seemed much thicker than I remembered it being, then noticed the screen popping out. I immedately unplugged it but it was already to late for it. It continued to expand until it pretty much disassembled itself, however it did that outside as I didnt want it in my house any longer.


    I am planning on going to the Apple store tomorrow to see what they will do about it. It doesn't seem right that a $700 device doesn't last longer than 3 years.


    I am considering bringing in all my much older devices that have lasted much longer than 3 years without self distructing, just prove a point when they tell me its desinged to do that.




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