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I've been researching this quite a bit and have seen many threads that talk about calls going to voicemail, but everything I've seen refers to Edge data vs. 3G data.


My iPhone 4 is running ios 5.0.1.  Anytime I am accessing anything that uses 3G data (downloading/upgrading apps, updating news streams, watching YouTube, etc.), all incoming calls to my phone are being directed straight to voicemail.  I can replicate the behavior 100% (e.g. not an 'intermittent' issue).  Although the voicemail alert will eventually sound, the incoming calls do NOT show up as missed calls, so if the other party doesn't leave a voicemail, I have no idea that they've called.


Things I've already tried to do:


1) reset network settings


2) reset AT&T voicemail pin


3) visited AT&T store to receive an updated sim card and had them verify it isn't something related to my account set up (I've had the same set up since iPhone 3G, but you never know what AT&T might turn on for my 'convenience')


4) did full restore through iTunes, restoring phone from recent back up


5) full restore through iTunes setting up phone as new phone (in case there was something funky in the back up)


In every instance, it still sends the calls straight to voicemail if the phone's 3G data is in use -- and it is definitely 3G data (AT&T tower in the parking lot of my office, 80 yards from the front door).


Any ideas?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Update...  After being able to replicate this all day long at my office, I went home last night only to find that a call received while I was using data DID go through.  Back at the office today, back to calls not going through if data is in use.


    I had called AT&T on the way home yesterday in hopes that having a 2nd set of their eyes verify that there wasn't any unusual settings on my account couldn't hurt.  They placed me on hold for 15+ minutes and finally told me that it must be an Apple problem and suggested a visit to the Apple store.


    Knowing now that it seems to work fine in some areas (towers), but not with others, I'm now thinking more than ever that this is an AT&T problems.


    Anyone have any experience or suggestions on where to look next?  It's terribly frustrating to not be able to use my phone with any data applications for fear of missing important calls.



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    I've been having the same issue for the past few days. People call me and they say the call goes straight to voicemail, and same thing with my out going calls. It rings but they say that never got any calls from me.

    I agree with you... it's and at&t issue. I haven't call them yet, I thought it was a problem with my iPhone 4S.

    But it's good that you mention that it happened while using 3G data. I'll keep you posted on my research. I hope we can resolve this critical issue

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    something I tried cause I read in another site... :


    try deleting the last apps that you have installed

    also try disabling notifications off then on again


    so far no more straight to vmail calls on my phone

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    Thanks for the advise on the appls.  In my case, I've been working with AT&T support now for 2 weeks.  We've confirmed that the problem exists for all users in the area (getting them to acknowledge this was like pulling teeth; after a week of persistant posts to FaceBook, calls to support, tweets, etc., they finally sent a rep out to confirm the problem themselves).


    When they finally confirmed the problem, they told me it was a problem with the tower and that they were going to be replacing the faulty hardware within a week or two.  Unfortunately, they've since changed their tune to suggest that the reason this is happening is that the voice calls are reverting to 2G (Edge) because of traffic at the tower.  I've dispelled this by providing historical data that shows it happens 100% of the time regardless of the time of day, day of week, etc. and I'm still waiting on their response.


    I'm glad removing apps and/or toggling notifications off worked for you, but for anyone else reading this, good luck.  I've had to put on the "I'm not going away until this is solved" hat with AT&T after being told more times than I can count that what I was suggesting could not possibly be happening.  Just stay strong, stay peristent and take darn good notes of everyone you speak with.


    Grrr...  It it wasn't for my grandfathered unlimited data and the massive amount of rollover minutes I've accrued, there is a good chance Verizon or Sprint would be earning a new customer just based on AT&T's response to this situation.