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A couple of days a ago, I noticed there was lots of chatter coming from the hard drive.  I also noticed that the Mac Pro was very slow at doing most things, lots of beach balls and applications not responding.  Right now, all I can hear is the HDD


I opened up activity monitor and noticed that a process name called - mdworker - was using 8.83GB or Real Mem and around 11.80GB of Virtual Mem.  These figures fluctuate, the Virtual Mem has gone as high as 14GB.  Sometimes the process goes down very low to say below a GB, then rises again.


I have 10GB of ram installed inside the mac.  Furthermore, I've seen 100%of CPU use though mdworker.


I've been reading about this problem, lots of advice says to move the HDD image to the privacy pane on spotlight as this is a indexing/spotlight issue, though I still want to use spotlight.


Will this process ever end, or is there a way to stop it, as is using up all the resources?


The only thing I've installed of late is a music plug-in called Geist and an expansion pack which came with it.


Right now I can't rally use my mac like before, I'm writing this on an iPad.


Any help would be great, as the mac is integeral part of m work.