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Hi! I just bought a brand new iMac and I'm already having problems with FCPX. Recently, the viewer window goes black or becomes static during playback and skimming. The only quick fix I've found is that if I add a random effect to one of the videos, it will then show. This is only last until I make another change, such as color or duration. Then, it goes black or static. In other forums, I've read the problem has been with the graphics card and that it is too old to work with FCPX. But, this doesn't seem like the problem considering the newness of the computer.

Any help or ideas is much appreciated! Thank you!

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    Trash the preferences with this http://www.digitalrebellion.com/prefman/


    If things don't improve take a look at this troubleshooting article



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    I'm having similar symptoms:


    I've bundled a series of multicam (2 camera) interview questions into a compound clip. The compound clip itself is now showing black where the thumbnails should be. When I skim the timeline, the preview window sometimes shows me the footage and sometimes it's just black. Sometimes actual thumbnails will start to show up in the timeline, but then they disappear again. While skimming, audio generally seems to play correctly. And other video on the timeline works fine.


    The only thing I can think is that my hard drive might be too slow (I'm using an external USB 2.0...silly slow hard drive to use with my new iMac Core i7, I know). But if it's the hard drive speed that's the issue, it would be nice to get some kind of error message. Honestly, it was working just an hour ago, so I really don't think it's the hard drive.


    I've restarted the computer & the app. Trashed preferences. Hidden projects I'm not using. Booted in Safe Mode. Repaired disk permissions.




    This feels like a bug to me. Am I missing something here?Screen Shot 2012-02-10 at 1.06.24 AM.png