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I just purchased an R4 Pegasus w/ Thunderbolt cable to go with my brand new iMac 27".

The Pegasus paperwork says it can take up to 10-hours for the R4 to fully optimize/synchronize.

Well, the blue "LED Drive Activity" light has been flashing for well over 24 hours.

Instructions read "don't unplug the unit" during optimization process...


Anyone have any experience with the R4 Pegasus (with Thunderbolt).

New to me...



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I had the same issue too.  I left it alone, though, and after two days it finally finished optimising and stopped flashing.

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    Thanks. I ended up "leaving it alone" too. Took well over 30-hours to optimize. But, once it did, works great. So, if anyone gets a new Promise R4 T-Bolt drive, you'll have to be patient. The product literature says 10-hours. But, in my case, it was 3-times that. Up and running now. Drive is extremely fast and quiet.

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    I just connected a Pegasus R6 for the first time.  It's been running 8 hours now (with a little whirring sound) and I am willing to wait for it to optimize/synchronize but I am concerned because the blue switch is not flashing as advertised--it has been steady since I plugged it in (it actually started that way--I did not press it to start it).  There is no icon on my screen.  I would appreciate any observations/advice.  Thank you!

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    My Pegasus R4's blue "LED Drive Activity" light has been flashing for well over 24 hours.  I called the PROMISE service for getting no answer but ended up finding this discussions to know that I'm not the only one.  PROMISE is not promising per the instruction!

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    Finally it's done... well over 36 to 40 hrs...