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How to remove the word "chapter" from TOC? In this case, I would prefer 21 rather than chapter 21.



iBooks Author, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Numbers Only Diagram.jpg


    Note: My illustrations use Section, but this works the same at the Chapter level.

    1. Open the first Chapter or Section.

    2. Highlight the Words Chapter or Section by double-clicking on them.

    3. A small pop-up appears.

    4. Select “Number Only” from the lower choice.

    5. Click inside your page. The pop-up disappears and you are left with the number only.

    6. Repeat for each Chapter. Select “Current Chapter” if working with Sections.


    I think this should solve your issue. - Fabe

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    Thanks! But I don't think this will work for TOC page. Have you give TOC a try?

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    I knocked my brains out on ToC yesterday. I think many other people have too.

    You are telling me the words "Chapter" & "Section" appear in the ToC no matter how you label them in the document, right? Grrrr....


    The popular saying in research funding is to end every paper with, "More research needs to be done." Same here. Let's all send feedback to Apple about the ToC as it is and as authors wish it to be.


    - Fabe

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    Yes, it seems that it is not possible to remove "chapter" from TOC. Still looking around and send feedback.

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    I was just looking again at a section of a book. It appears that the ToC reflects the name typed in, not the Section 1 heading. If so, do as I suggested AND make sure the names do not contain "Chapter" or "Section." I'll test it too in a few minutes.  - Fabe

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    I don't have chapter/sections in my pages. So it does not work. Tell me if it works for you.

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    Okay – Here's what I developed into a Table of Contents from scratch using the Basic (Botany) Template.


    ToC Test.png


    The file froze up on me, not allowing name changes. I clicked around to different things, changed orientation, etc, and shortly I was able to change "Untitled" to whatever I wanted.  So, I think the elimination of the words "Chapter" and "Section" is possible in the ToC.  - Fabe

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    Not sure if this helps, Seems to be alot of ways to mess with the TOC.

    and things change depending on Landscape vs Portrait


    On the chpater page you can remove the Prefix but it still shows on TOC page

    number only.jpg



    I could be wrong, but I don't think you can have only the number appear and not the word "chapter"on the TOC (landscape)

    to remove both just drag off the page.



    Also the word "chapter" shows on the black pop up title bar when you tap the screen.

    if you use Preface instead of Chapter it only shows the Title in the black bar and on the TOC page


    So using Preface instead of Chapter may work for what you need.

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    Thank you Barheisel! This also appears to work for adding appendices at the end of a book, which should not be labeled as "chapters."

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    ToC 2.jpg

    Moving between Portrait and Landscape mode creates some mind twisters for me. But I am getting more comfortable.


    Yesterday, I used "Preface" in place of "Chapter" and found it indented the same as "Section." More investigating to do.


    No Time Flat, can you show an example of this? Like everyone, I have Pre and Post book parts which need to be placed correctly in the ToC. Thanks.


    - Fabe

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    What I found was that the word, say, "Appendix A" would align with the word "Beginning" (the title of your Chapter 1) in your example and also align with parts in the front matter, such as "Preface." That is, the chapter numbers would be offset. That is exactly what I personally would like to have happen. Were the appendix to be an appendix to a chapter, I would place it as a section because it should be within the Chapter tag. Just me. 

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    Of course, the question then becomes, if one places an appendix as a chapter appendix using Section, how does one get rid of the pesky section numbers?

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    If the Appendix refers to a Section, title it as "Heading 1" and it will appear indented from that Section (like Sub-Part 1 above.)  - Fabe


    "In this digital world, everything is pesky." - Dylan

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    Hi there,

    I am having similar problems but I found a solution to have my prefix changed.

    I am using iBooksA in spanish and all default prefix come like Capítulo, Sección etc...

    But I need them in English and change Sección by Advice

    Just by clicking in the title of the Disposiciones (Layout¿) panel, you type what you want.

    Then it appears correctly in the TOC

    here is my image to make it clearer maybe

    Captura de pantalla 2012-02-20 a la(s) 20.04.19.png


    Here another example with "What I want" instead of "Chapter"

    Look at the TOC, it says "What I want 3" because it is chapter 3


    Captura de pantalla 2012-02-20 a la(s) 20.06.30.png

    Thank you for all the written before, it helps a lot!