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I created a playlist on my iPod touch this weekend while in airplane mode. Once I got on a network, I noticed that my iPod was running very slowly and the battery was dying pretty quickly. I also noticed the same thing on my iPhone. When I got home to my Mac the next day, I noticed that iTunes kept slowing down or becoming unresponsive. Then I noticed that the playlist I made a few days prior was duplicated on my mac. I scrolled down to see how many, and kept scrolling, and kept scrolling.Surprised by how many duplicates there were, I checked my iPod to check the exact number. iTunes Match/iCloud had somehow managed to create over 20,000 empty playlists with the same title of the playlist I made this weekend.


I've turned off iTunes Match on both my iPhone and iPod, but iTunes on my Mac is giving me nothing but grief.
At first, I tried to turn off iTunes Match on my Mac to make sure it wasn't continuing to create these empty playlists. Anytime I try to turn off iTunes Match on my Mac, however, iTunes crashes.
Then, I tried to manually delete all of these playlists, either one by one or by running an Automater script to delete every empty playlist.

I suspect that deleting them one by one isn't working, and perhaps that iTunes is still trying to make duplicates. I spent 2 hours last night tapping and tapping and holding and holding the delete key, to what would appear to be no avail.
When I run the Automater script, iTunes crashes.

Not knowing what else to do, I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and restart my Mac. This didn't help anything either.

It seems that iTunes will crash no matter what I do to remedy this problem.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I should do next? Has anyone seen this problem before?