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I have a Mini Server running 10.7.3. It has three share points located on an external firewire RAID, all available via AFP only (not SMB). All my client machines run 10.7.3. The problem is, I still cannot search these shares using Spotlight in the menubar. I have tried all manner of permissions/acls, reindexing, user types, and re-sharing combinations, but nothing works.


I CAN search the share points quite reliably using Finder – by opening Finder, clicking on the server, mounting the share point, clicking in the search window, typing some text, selecting filename in the drop menu, and clicking Shared in the toolbar. Once I do all that the correct results appear quickly with little filesystem activity on the server, so presumably the client machines are able to access server-based the spotlight index on the server (a "find . -name xyz" takes much longer in terminal).


But I want to search the share points FROM THE MENUBAR or with the cmd-space shortcut. Doing so only ever produces local results.


Any idea how to make this work!!!???

Mac OS X (10.7.3)