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I have Reinstalled itues several times but same Prob.  There is No Menu Bar @ the top Of Itunes.  This is the "HUB" of my music library, Now i cannot control this computer, i cannot authorize it, cannot Icloud match ... PLS anybody??


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Windows 7
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    The missing menus at the top of iTunes (in recent versions) can indicate trouble with the Segoe UI fonts on your system. It's a new symptom of a problem that can also cause text to go missing from the Device tab in iTunes.


    Unfortunately it's a bit trickier to deal with on Windows 7 systems than Vista or XP. (The "Vortical" instructions which can fix it for almost all folks on Vista and XP aren't applicable to Windows 7.)


    Try having a look through the following (unfortunately very long) topic. It contains a lot of information on the Windows 7 variants of this, and possible methods for fixing the various Segoe UI-related issues that might be in play:


    iTunes 10.1 Missing Text

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    Thank You Kindly b. I'll let You kno