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I've recently been getting much more into Photography, and I would like to do more editing. The only problem is that I'm finding the screen size of my 11" MacBook Air a little too small for it. It's fast enough, but it has quite a small screen, not a lot of storage space....


So my question is, would it be better to add an Apple Cinema Display to it (not necessarily one of the latest ones, I don't mind the older 20" or 23" Aluminium models), or should I get myself an iMac?


I am a student so obviously I will be doing word processing and internet browsing quite frequently, but in all honest my MacBook Air does not move from my desk that much. Any advice would be appreciated! Is having a MacBook in addition to an iMac being greedy?



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I'm currently sitting in my office using my MBP and looking at a 24" Samsung display. At home I replaced my 4 year old iMac with a 2 year old 13" MBP which is connected to a similar display. That should be tell you all you need to know!