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for work i have to use ie 7 or higher for (dealertrack.com) how can i use or get IE on my new mac book pro?

MacBook Pro
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    What version Mac do you have and what OS X version are you running.


    Basically you have 3 options.


    Install a Virtual Machine software package and then install a version of Windows in a virtual machine. Then you can run IE in Windows.


    Use Boot Camp to partition your hard drive and install the appropriate version of Windows in that partition and run IE


    Buy a Windows PC notebook to use for work and run IE.

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    being a pc person for over 20 years now I am still learning my way around this mac, so as far as which mac, mac book pro 13 i5 w/500 OS, Lion i think. ALL NEW TO ME, so far a love super hate relationship. will a third party or APPLE perform the boot camp? the virtual machine option seems easy and complicated at the same time any experiance with the virtual machine software?

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    Mac 101: Using Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp



    Switch 101: On Windows, I used to...


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    Boot Camp is included with all OS X versions. Since you are using Lion, OS X 10.7.2or3, the only Windows version you can use with the Lion version of Boot Camp is Windows 7.

    With Boot Camp and Win 7 you have to reboot the system into the Windows partition. 2 completely different operating system, a Dual boot system.


    But as I said you can get a Virtual Machine software, VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop 7 or Oricle Virtualbox, and run any version of Windows in a virtual machine.


    I use VMware Fusion on Lion and have installed Win XP Pro. I prefer a virtual machine running on top of OS X Lion because years ago I ran a dual boot system, actually a triple boot system for a while, using Windows 95 and OS2 Warp, I also have a version of Linux installed. I could not stand booting from one OS into the other then wanting to work in the the other OS having to reboot the system to the other OS.


    Since using virtual machine software I now run XP on Mac and on my Win 7 desktop and notebook PC. Yes I still use Windows and my work computer is a Dell notebook running Win 7 with XP loaded into a virtual machine as some of the programs I use everyday do not install or run in Win 7.

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    Thank you

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    If you only need it for the one site, before installing a partition using BootCamp or using VMware, try this...



    From your Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Advanced tab.


    Select:  Show Develop menu in menu bar


    Now navigate to that site. From the menu bar again click Develop > User Agent


    Try IE 9, 8, or 7.

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    while im at it,  can i plug in a set of speakers with a subwoofer into the headphone jack without damaging anything? Again THANK YOU, I will most likely be going for the virtual machine option.

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    If the speakers have a 1/8" stereo headphone plug and are self-amplifed, yes.

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    self amplified? is there a way to tell or how do you tell