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I have Mac OS 10.7.3 client and I'm having problem with trying to mount either SMB or NFS server.

When I try to mount SMB it complains that the version I had is "too old" and can't view it via GUI. Then I try command line via Terminal with this command "mount -t smbfs //my_username@my_server/data ~/Desktop/data" and I get a error about "Can't connect to Server". I can connect to the server using Mac OS 10.6 and older systems and other MS Windows system so I know it has to do something with Lion. Any idea why I can't use Lion as an client to connect to a SMB server?

Also I tried to connect use NFS to connect to the server and I have set up the server to allow the client to connect to the server. However, I tired to use GUI and I got a error about "it can't see the server". Then I tired the command line "mount_nfs my_server:/data /data" and I got this error "RPC Prog not avail". Why is RPC Prog not avail" and how can make it available?


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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Client