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I am getting very frustrated with my new Mac.  I was so excited to have a Mac, but now I am having second thoughts.  Every time I try to do something it blocks me.  Today I tried to do my online banking and it wouldn't let me access the site.  It came up with a security warning and even when I clicked continue anyway, it wouldn't take me to the site.  It kept sending me to the Google search page.  Why is this happening?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    It sounds like you were being being warned about a phishing site -- a bogus website designed to steal banking passwords. You'd be very ill-advised to ignore that warning without investigating carefully. Did you click on a link in an email that seemed to come from your bank?

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    Thank you for your answer.  I didn't open the bank through an email link.  I did it through search.  I have been doing online banking for years, but always on my PC.  My PC has died and now I have to do everything on my Mac and I am having lots of difficulty using it.  I'm not sure how to investigate this issue. 

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    Go to the official site of your bank: find the internet banking information site, find there how to login and what checks you have to verify the genuity of the site, bookmark the login page, and next time use the bookmark.

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    Thank you for your help.  My problem is solved.  I installed MacKeeper and everything is working great for now.  No problem getting into my bank or the other sites I was trying to open.  Hopefully everything will be good from now on.

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    MacKeeper is NOT something you wanted to install - I'm reasonably sure this whole 'getting-redirected-to-google' thing was a ploy to get you to install MacKeeper (which is not something you need, and which is similar to a trojan, though not as innately destructive).  Google instructions for removing it and follow them (the uninstaller MacKeeper provides doesn't actually remove the entire program).  Once you've completely removed MacKeeper, follow the advice that Link and Lex gave.


    Honestly, I'd have expected a Windows user to be far less credulous; installing a program because some internet site tells you to is like shooting a Windows box in the CPU. 

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    bernielpw wrote:


    ... I installed MacKeeper and everything is working great for now.  ...


    See Here...   Beware MacKeeper



    Uninstall MacKeeper here



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    My problem is solved.  I installed MacKeeper and everything is working great for now.


    No, your problem is not solved, and everything is not working great. You just installed a trojan. Remove it immediately.

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    Is the date and time set correctly?  My work mac had the same problem.  It wasn't detecting phishing sites.  The security alerts would pop up again and again on perfectly legitimate sites.  Then I noticed the time and date were wrong.  I reset them and the problem went away… for a wee while.  The battery that powers the clock was buggered.  I had to get it fixed and the computer was only six months old.