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i have an airport extreme router, and am using cat5 cables on my mac mini and apple tv?

home sharing is turned on with both devices, but there is no library or computer showing up on

the tv screen.  i would prefer to use hard wired cat5 cables instead of wifi to get faster transfer

speed. has anyone else had this problem?  does it only work by using a wifi connection?


AppleTV 2
  • Gino Cerullo Level 4 (1,445 points)

    Absolutely yes! As a matter of fact an ethernet connect is not only faster but more reliable.


    Are you sure you have enable Home Sharing on both the computer and on the Apple TV. Note that iTunes on the computer must be running at the time and cannot be in sleep mode or Apple TV will not be able to access the iTunes libraries.

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    Hi Gino,

         Thanks for the response.  I am happy to hear that it should work well with an ethernet connection

    instead of wifi.  I have been using macs since the macintosh in 1984 and have solved many problems,

    but this one has me stumped.  Both the tv and my mac mini indicate that home sharing is turned on

    using the same user name, but the mini computer and it's library are not listed on the tv screen as

    available to share files.  i have gone through all of the apple suggested trouble shooting advice and still

    nothing.  i think i will try re-setting the tv box and re-entering my user data again.  i haven't found anything

    about using a password with the network, as is usual with wifi.  am i missing a step in the setup where the

    network password needs to be entered while i am using ethernet cables?

  • Gino Cerullo Level 4 (1,445 points)

    That is correct. When using ethernet, the Apple TV does not need a password to join the network.


    It should default to acquiring an IP address using DHCP. Can you confirm that is has a proper IP address and that it is in the same subnet as your other computers? Is it connecting to your router?


    If yes, does it connect to the Internet? Does it connect to the iTunes Store? Can you broswer iTunes Store movies and TV shows?

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    hey gino,


         thanks for all of the ideas.  i finally got it working.  quite bizarre.  i reset apple tv, and during

    the setup it asked for a password for the wifi network without giving an option to just use ethernet.

    so i unplugged the cat 5 cable, waited a bit, and plugged it back in.  then it finally recognized the

    ethernet cable and let me connect without using wifi.  i have to assume that apple expects 99%

    of it's users to use wifi.  makes no sense to me...   thanks again for your time.