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I need to get the hex equivalent of a WEP password so that a Windows machine can access an old Graphite AirPort Base station network.  The Airport Utility that could tell me the answer does not run on Snow Leopard - any ideas?



I have a Graphite AirPort Base station that I have started using again.  I know the network password and have no trouble connecting with my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard.


I need to connect a Windows machine to the network.  To do that I need the hex version of the network password.


The way to get this is to use the Airport Utility, connect to the base station and it will tell you the answer.  Easy.  Except that the Airport Utility that does that will not run under Snow Leopard (or later).


Is there any other way to get the hex password?  It was not a 13 character password so Apple will have hashed it in a proprietary way.  I do not have a Mac sitting around an older OS on it and I have little appetite for trying to crack the encryption.


PS One thought - I also have an AirPort Express being used elsewhere.  I can access that with AirPort utility.  If I set that up with the same password and WEP as the Graphite, will the hex equivalent be the same?

AirPort Base Station (Graphite), Mac OS X (10.6.8)