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Hi to all!



I need your precious help to solve my problem.

I read discussions in this forum but I'm still a bit confused.



Well, I'm an Italian citizen, I'm an individual and I have no company. I would like to publish my books on the iBooks Store using iBooks Author.

I've just finished to write down the book and now I'm ready to publish.

Apple asked me to provide my ITIN or EIN. I have neither, so I followed the instructions I found on www.irs.gov.

I got stuck. Which number do you think I should ask for? I suppose the ITIN... but I'm not really sure.


I think that EIN is for companies and ITIN for individual, but I read that also an individual can ask for the EIN. Is it correct?


Have you experienced the same problem? How did you fix it?





Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I've been mailing with the IRS for 5 months now. Still no ITIN for me. I'm going to try and call them tomorrow.

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    Toscanaccio wrote:


    I think that EIN is for companies and ITIN for individual, but I read that also an individual can ask for the EIN. Is it correct?

    As an individual, you need to apply for an ITIN.



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    Toscanaccio wrote:

    I think that EIN is for companies and ITIN for individual, but I read that also an individual can ask for the EIN. Is it correct?

    Why would you do that if you know the individual uses ITIN?


    If you ask for an EIN, you'll need to apply as something you're not when it's used....





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    Call them and ask for ITIN. It's just 10-15 minutes process. They'll ask the most basic questions and provide you the ITIN number over the phone.


    Best of luck !

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    What number did you call?

    I rang them yesterday and they told me to resend form W7 as an application for an ITIN.

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    Anyone wanting to publish who's unable to or doesn't want to register for US tax, check out this label.




    They publish iBooks Author textbooks on itunes for commission. Like a Lulu or Smashwords for iBooks.

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    an individual can apply for an EIN if it is for business use (i.e.: self publishing as a sole proprietorship [imprenditore individuale; not sure about the italian term]).

    You can use either an ITIN or an EIN on your Form W-8BEN, to claim the use of the income tax treaty between the US and Italy which in Article 12 states that a resident of Italy with "royalty income from the use of literary work is subject to a US tax of 5% of the gross amount instead of the usual 30% US-withholding-tax (section 1441 and 1442 of the US Internal Revenue Code) if the payee is a non resident person. Please feeel free to contact me, if there are any more questions (in english or german please).


    Kind regards


    Harald Henning


    Certifying Acceptance Agent for IRS ITIN-Numbers
    Herbigstr. 19a
    80999 München, GERMANY
    Tel.: 089/8115302
    Fax: 089/89068548
    E-Mail: mail@harald-henning.de

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    You replied to thread which is 12 months old !  I would assume that by now - although there is nothing  further from the originall post - the issue has been resolved.

    There is more than  one thread about EIN numbers.


    Apple require any and all persons wishing to  place paid for books  in the iBookstore. Its a failry easy application and can complete  duroing a 10 - 12 minutes phone call to the IRS. Dont waste time  with letters, written application by post or evec FAX.  Phone and you have the number there and then.

    All person are reqiured to fill in the and submitthe contracts  which are found in iTunesConnect.

    There are other conditions which apply to the UK, USA and Canada. 

    The  UK residents also  need an IBAN  number from their bank.. it applies to the payments Apple will make  to your bank if you sell.

    Australians need an ABN and probable an IBAN or whatever legistlation  required by the AU banking/tax system.

    The best  action would appear to look at the contracts online and make notes.

    Al the suggestions from third parties about ITIN  W8 BEN are - from my experience time wasters that confuse people.


    For the EIN,  You DO NOT need to have a limited company or whatever "your" country requires to formally register a commercial business.

    Simply fill in the question box as sole trader -  and your business is either  publisher or eBook publisher or whatever you want to have.


    Link to Form SSN4  http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fss4.pdf


    download this  - fill it in - keep it with you when you telephone - they will ask you  to confirm question using it.. it saves time.


    This is the telpehone number. to use. 1-267-941-1099   USA IRS Telephone

    They work 7am - 7pm I think its  EST.

    I found calling at their 6pm best  and got through in  about 15 seconds!


    I purchased a cheap international phone card  and used it to call the USA  a 12 minutes call  cost me about US 50cents !


    Thats it   - it takes Apple about 2 weeks to recognise your EIN number BUT you fill in and submit the contracts  when you get it and wait for Apple. If there are issues they will email you. If you dont hear , I suugest you should have a book ready to publish and  just deliver it!  If you account is open.. it will deliver...


    There is no mystery or tax office complications...  do as I have listed above... and if your country has requirements that are individual to you.. then you will need to address them. I only know about UK and Australian requirements.


    Last Word.. all the stuff about  getting paid .. as above my UK bank issued an IBAN number - its about  International money transacations  TO YOUR BANK.. not Apples  and  if its required or whatever is required, is  listed  in  your contracts. YOU need to open an iTunesConnect account - contracts are on the opening page.

    Unless its changed in teh past 6 months.. IF you have a free book account - You will be required to open a new apple account and use that  to apply for a paid sellers account - dont question Apples logic.. it dont work!


    A few repeats - to drive it home. Sorry.....