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The epson app from the store does find the printer, but via the settings and airprint iOS says that there are now printers connected.


I can only print pictures via the epson app.

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    The Epson SX430 is not on Apple's list of AirPrint-compatible printers.  See <iOS: AirPrint 101>.


    For non-AirPrint printers, you can run a program on your computer that will share its printer as AirPrint over WiFi.  Two that are reported to work well are <FingerPrint> and <Printopia for Macintosh>.  Your computer would have to be on and awake any time you want to print.


    If yours is actually the NX430, you should be able to print to it using AirPrint.  One reason it may not work, is if your WiFi Router does not correctly handle Bonjour data required by AirPrint.  If that is the case, you need to contact the router's manufacturer to see if there is a change to its setup or a firmware update that will solve the problem.



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    Thanks for your help.


    So in short; my printer isn't compatible with my ipad. Besides that router can be an issue to. I will jump into that.


    At this moment my desktop is running on windows 7. Do fingerprint en printopia work on this OS?




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    Printopia is Mac-only. If you click on the link for FingerPrint, you'll see that there is a Windows version.

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    Hi, I discover today that I have exactly the same problem. There is somenthing that I don't get thogh, my epson sx430 was printing perfectly well from my ipads( 8 have the I and the II)  and had in google the possibility of opening an on line article in the printer window. Suddenly this possibility is not longer the, only print and when I click on it, it can't fin the printer. I can print pictures for some reason, and when I do the printer is recognised.

    Why did it work so well before and now not at all? What couldossibly change?

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    Could your SX430 actually be an NX430, which is on Apple's list?  If not, you must have been using a Printing App such as the free one from Epson.  I understand it is capable of printing photos, but can not be accessed from within other Apps unless they have the "Open In" option.


    If you actually have an AirPrint printer, did you happen to change your WiFi router at the time your printing problem began?  Some routers do not correctly handle Bonjour data required by AirPrint.